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  • Yes, as I posted today and before, I don't want a flat earth and it doesn't affect my life either way. Some people see it. If you think you saw a curvature from a plane window you're wrong and the astronauts didn't either. You personally know astronauts, even one that told you they saw a globe earth from space?
    I'm dead serious, Lon. I wasn't ten days ago but this is in the scriptures. Read Tam's posts from that flat earth thread, my 30 posts in the thread and my 30 posts back and forth with Berean in my Conspiracy thread. All from today. You can't prove me wrong with one simple fact I have. Try me.
    I thought the thread could be funny, but then it kept selling trash and I had enough on that one. Anyone continuing the garbage throw that theory is demeans the dead and adds ongoing insult to people who through no fault of their own have suffered too much already.
    It's not about anything being hard for God.

    If He holds people responsible for what they won't believe, that must mean that He - being just - has indeed given them the ability to understand and to believe...or not...else He lies and His condemnation of them is unjust.

    Since He is no respecter of persons, if He's given that ability to some, then He's given it to all.

    There are many who WILL NOT believe. That is a fact.

    It is also a fact that there are none who CANNOT believe.

    There is no other way to view it in light of what the Bible actually says about Him.

    And you know what that means.
    "No, not at all."

    Well...then...if we're not wrong...then we must be right. Right?

    God holds responsible all who hear. They are responsible for what they understand.

    Believe = be blessed because you believed Him.

    Disbelieve = be condemned because you didn't.

    Is it really that hard?
    The downside of loving animals is always the lifespan question...but I've never met anyone who experienced that bond who regretted it.

    I'm done until Jack wants one though. I've said, "When." We had fourteen rescued animals in the course of my marriage. We have one remaining, Etta. She's about fifteen and sassy. :D
    Hello, will you retract your 'report'. The thread 'What is the gospel' is NOT in the EC section, but the 'Religion' section. Thank you :)
    I hate it when that happens. I tend to write as I read and once in a while I'll forget to move around in another window and time out without realizing it, especially on the longer replies. . .then it's lost. Takes the wind out, I know.
    Sorry to have played a momentary part in the derailment of a good thread. :think: Is it my turn or yours?
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