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  • I'd already said I'd be taking a break after the election, and I'm gonna bask contentedly, for the near future, in the thought of a normal and sane and ethical White House.
    Sending a fond wish for a good day for you today, in spite of what the day may bring. :)

    Responding elsewhere shortly.
    Still appreciate where God between us overcomes all that might otherwise be insurmountable. Appreciate you. -Lon
    Thanks on the BLM discussion. I can let it sit at this point, as is, unless there is anything meaningful that can be further said. You already know my only contentions. Then, just for fun, I read your NRA post. Out of the frying pan right into the fire! :chuckle: Press on brother -Lon
    I tend to drop off in the summers because the days are longer so my formatting is more atrocious. This last one is a formatting, grammatical mess. My apologies. I'm dropping off trying to edit it like I should. -Lon
    :chuckle: Yeah it's been some time since the Braves glory days.
    Hope you had a great time at the aquarium. I always enjoy going to those.

    Fenway was fun and we had dinner at a cool place. Traffic in Boston was horrendous though. :mad:
    I was rooting for Clemson. :noid: I'm sure they'll be back in the championship game though. Death, Taxes, Crimson Tide in the title game. :chuckle:

    I've been alright. Super busy at work but beyond that hanging in. No summer plans. Though I'm going to Boston tomorrow to catch a game at Fenway. Not a Red Sox fan but looking forward to seeing the stadium. Not many stadiums with that kind of history anymore. We won't have much free time (game tomorrow night, coming back Saturday morning) but I hope we can at least walk around the Fenway neighborhood before the game.

    Life good for you too? How's Jack?
    Long time no chat. I hope you are doing well Townie. :wave2: Counting the days until 'Bama football?? :think:
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