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  • Man, post on that thread whatever videos about Europe you find -- just please try to focus on either interviews or first-hand accounts of what's going on. It IS starting to come out, slowly. Infowars type stuff is okay in small doses but to hear from actual Brits and Europeans is far more powerful as they're having to live this.
    I'm sharing some of the videos from the modern say Britain thread with the folks in Ireland who are facing the same things now but not as bad yet. I think I told you about that, Political Irish forum. They need to see and hear and many already have. The two I've watched in your thread are very disturbing. 4 year olds?
    Nothing is too hard for God, and no, it isn't 'hard' per say. I'm more interested when we are all 'on page' than not most of the time and it seemed to me a good thread for exactly that. :e4e:
    God holds responsible all who hear. They are responsible for what they understand.

    Believe = be blessed because you understood and believed Him.

    Disbelieve = be condemned because you understood but didn't believe Him.

    Is it really that hard?
    No, not at all. God meets us where we are at. I see a duality of revelation: What we understand and how God understands. We only get God's understanding from revelation because we are created beings. Then too, there is also the mind of the unbeliever, ones who will come, ones who won't. In between, how best to plant and water. So I agree the message is simple. Bringing one lost to Christ? A bit more complicated, especially whenever I'm involved :) In thread: I was latching onto a few ideas expressed and trying to get a bit more discussion from all your perspective. In that, thanks! -Lon
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