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  • Checking to see if you are still alive and kicking.
    Haven't seen you around much lately.
    Yeah, I've been checking in on occasion to see if things have improved. Hope you're doing well, Tam.
    Thanks GD,

    My wife and I had a wonderful vacation in the Philippines where we took a break from many things.

    I have been good, now living in Naples FL. Winter is very short here, fate is we are now back to all days hitting 80 degrees midday. I have to get out every day and exercise. Now, at may age, eating right and having lots of exercise is a rule. Now I go to bed earlier and without sleepers. I do not know why this is, but most doctors and other experts think one has to get sleep between 10;00PM and 2:00 AM to be most restorative. This is hard on me, as I have always liked being up at night.
    It’s certainly worthwhile and rewarding work, even if quite stressful! I’m looking forward to starting soon.

    I’m glad you’re doing okay. It’s always a joy to hear from you! I don’t know if you’re a Facebook user or not, but if you would like to be able to stay in touch more when I’m not around here, it would be great to have you on my friends list. :)
    Hey Nana, I’ve been lurking on the forum recently! I’m doing alright thanks, graduated from university as a mature student this year, with a degree in philosophy. I’m now starting a new job in January with London Ambulance Service as an emergency medical dispatcher and 999 call handler! How are you doing?
    Oh, thank you, sister! I've missed you, too.

    Not much enthusiasm for me in here lately.
    Maybe it'll come back at some point.

    GOD bless! :)
    You need to delete some of your pms.
    I tried to send you one and it said your inbox was full.
    Thank you sister, it was funny to see my first posts in the thread but there's a lot packed in there. I really like that pastor/ministry but I might not agree on every single detail it's hard to argue with Justin's lessons. Should I post in plain text do you think. The size and fonts might be a bit much. I just pray that people will see and learn more about Jesus Christ and the gospel of grace and salvation.

    I really feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing at this point in my life. I've lost a lot of credibility and warm fuzzy feeling and I'm probably completely wrong but I think FE is possible through scripture, our senses, what we see and feel, redundant. Regardless, I'm learning a lot and in the word a LOT more than I was the previous 18 months. Thanks for reading the posts. :wave2:
    I understand. It's frustrating. But that wasn't a bad post. It had good points that were backed up by scripture. If the scriptures weren't used correctly, that's good material for response. And I've seen some great responses from you.
    Have you ever went on TOL via Tapatalk? It's funny sometimes like for the wolf thread by john w it has a picture of Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in black right before he kills Ring. The Trump Derangement thread by intojoy has Don Lemon from cnn with a goofy face and Fake News written on his forehead. Really funny. No problem if you don't watch that video, I don't really like it we people ask me to watch something. I try to and think I will but I never get around to it. You have a good enough idea that's it not easy but I am under the mindset that this can help somebody. :e4e:
    hi,, we are close. I lived off 15th and reed market rd.....close to the Bend Senior Center, Larkspur park, off of Fargo/Reed market rd. Moved to redmond now since about 6 months ago.
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