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  • i. Pre-Fall man—posse peccare (the ability to sin) and posse non peccare
    (the ability to not sin). Pelagius taught that this condition remains after
    the Fall.
    ii. Post-Fall man—non posse non peccare (the inability to not sin). This is
    the moral condition of original sin.

    Adam's "free will" consisted of the mutability, that is, the potentiality of obedience or disobedience. This is not libertarian free will, the liberty of indifference. Whatever Adam would do it was what he was most inclined to do when he did so do. Libertarian free will claims a choice bereft of want/inclination as if neutrality were possible in the will. This is nonsense and when we use terms like "free will" we need to define them beforehand so everyone is on the same page.
    The unforgivable sin is being committed before our eyes. The HS we represent is being called a demon. He will keep you strong, as this is revealed, but the whole process will prove terrible. It is not pleasant to observe such serious judgment.
    I'm not much of a smacker either, but I will defend my friends on TOL. And there is a balance between smack and not smack, there are times that kind words are more forceful that the blows of a hammer on the anvil; and when the Lord corrects us with His rod and staff, there is not a more gentler hand to administer correction.
    I'm sure there'll be more, when the gavel of justice shows up. I would think a person would very cautious about telling someone else they are going to hell. The Lord knows those that His, that one that counts. But to be beat up about it that is doesn't get it. It's like that Calvin, Calvinism, Calvinist thing that is knock about with accusing accusations flying in every direction, I wonder what Calvin himself would say.

    Be blessed dear friend.
    Lon, I understand what he thinks he is getting at. My post is a flip-flop type of answer, that what he does.
    Re: your rep comment.. I did learn a great deal from him. :) .. I'm actually somewhat torn though. I grew up in a church that taught the Doctrines of Grace. I was there from the time I was 15 until 25 (I'm 42 now). I just can't seem to get settled what is correct.
    Some Baptist mod told me OSAS is Calvin's teaching.

    You are in denial, brother.
    Lon, some stuff for you to look at:


    I see this sort of stuff posted all the time, and a lot of people don't understand the problem. I'm not saying its every cop. I'm saying its systematic problem that isn't being dealt with. This is what happens when you have a violent society that always turns to force.

    For what its worth, I see stuff that's equivalent to that second story posted basically every day. Again, I'm aware that not all cops do that stuff, but I don't believe for a second that its a tiny minority either. And rarely do cops get punished when they do evil things. All the glory goes to the cops and evil Americans spit on the graves of the victims.
    Lon, I absolutely respect your contributions to the theological dialogue of this forum, standing for the true gospel and for Reformed theology over and against the false gospels that plague the forum.

    That said, frankly, I don't think you've read nearly enough libertarian thought to understand it, much less refute it, as is shown by some of your responses.

    If you're going to engage in political debate, you should at least understand what the other person is saying, and not assume that everything is a debate between conservatism and liberalism.
    I think aCW is a closet homosexual. Why else would someone spend that much time actively looking for pictures of things that you want to criminalize?

    Again, I'm not saying there's no place for trying to influence the culture, but what aCW is doing is ridiculous.

    I'm not sure why I bother engaging with him. That may be a flaw on my part. And, while I don't get offended easily, I will admit that when someone is calling me a pedophile and a pervert, I am not listening to what that person is saying. I'm not even that mean to cops or soldiers, neither of which being careers I approve of:p
    I hope that you realize my friend that a good majority of those posting in my thread are practicing homosexuals; some even attempt to disguise their behavior by using verses out of the Bible and by calling themselves "Christian".
    I'm not sure if people are born with the desire for homosexuality or not. I'm sure some are and some aren't. It doesn't ultimately matter because God says that homosexuality is a sin. We all are born with implications toward certain sins. That doesn't make it OK to act upon them.

    Its downright sad that someone you know was raped as a boy. Its downright disgusting that anyone would do anything like that. The main point I think aCW and some others miss is that they seem to think every homosexual is a rapist. Mind you, I understand that its completely and totally wrong even if no rape is involved, but we're still dealing with separate issues there. Not wanting consensual homosexual sex between adults to be a crime does not mean wanting to legalize rape.

    What I've found in my personal experience is that its virtually impossible to convince a non-Christian on any political issue. It doesn't work because the presuppositions involved are completely different.
    I wasn't trying to say we shouldn't fight on the cultural side at all, but I think in aCW's case specifically, he should be spending less time fighting for the culture (and reevaluate how he does it) I'm not saying we should be completely apathetic. Heck, you know I talk about political issues . But I also proclaim the gospel, and where I'm given a choice to talk about one or the other, I let the political issue go. aCW has, multiple times, outright refused to discuss the gospel when asked because it was derailing his rants against homosexuality (disclaimer: I agree that homosexuality is seriously immoral). Focus clearly off there.
    I also see a difference between fighting culturally and fighting governmentally. Many see them as the same, but I see a big difference. I think the primary way you fight for the culture is by gospel preaching. I mean, is someone who really believes the gospel going to approve of homosexuality? Will someone who rejects it care that God says its wrong?
    Always fun to talk with you, even with that equivocation nonsense. ;) Hope you saw my last to you there. :cheers:
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