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  • Oh, just read this. Its my fault cause I use other folk's post to make a point to more other folks.
    Hi Nang :) sorry you found one of my post to be disrespecting another child of God. I was only responding in kind back, which I should probably be above,...but sometimes we snip back when snipped at. In any case, trying to tone things down and get back to my usual demeanor in civil discussion and 'creative dialogue',....but as you know...sometimes dealing with certain people who keep up certain antics and behaviors....your patience and temperance get tested :) Anyways,...hope you're enjoying your time back,....or maybe that's 'questionable' by reading some of your recent posts? I suspect it could be 'circumstantial'. Anyways, well :surf:
    Stay out of my way, you child of the devil, as you don't have the credential to assert "shames God."
    Yeah, I could fill up a few days talking motorcycles. My two-wheeled interests are ecclectic. I'm the fast old guy with the Superbikes, and the chilled out old guy with the Harley cruisers and baggers with loud pipes, and other niches.
    Yes, I'll publish, and most of it will be available in some format long before my Doctoral work is finished.

    I much appreciate your depth of understanding and your maturity in Christ and in the authentic doctrines of the faith. I'd imagine your husband must also be an intuitive and astute student of the Word and led by the Spirit. It would be a blessing if I ever got to meet the two of you personally in this life.
    The real revelation and understanding comes from an intricate comprehension of Anthropology Proper relative to man's hypostasis, ousia, physis, and prosopon reconciled to pneuma, psuche, and soma. I've never seen an exhaustive detailed lexical and exegetical teaching on it, so I've spent years developing it myself. The ontological Gospel of Paul, entrusted to him by God, cannot be fully understood without it; and it concisely addresses everything we've been talking about.
    But there is an equality that is ontologically given to us, that it is a functional equality for us. I always process the term contingency as non-necessity, so God cannot be in role, position, or function of any contingency whatsoever. It would violate His Necessity. And I don't see human participation as a verb, but as their state of being that is more like a copula and gerund, linguistically (being and becoming).

    I think we are saying very much the same thing from slightly different perspectives and emphases. I'm looking at the points that must also reconcile other views in an explicit manner rather than furthering a false binary with others who have no clue of the necessity of rightly understanding Monergism and avoiding Synergism as the plague that it is.
    Synergism suggests two equal parties acting in sync with each other, and necessarily locked in contingency to each other to achieve contract; thus the attempt to apply this kind of terminology to the Gospel message, is nothing other than a reversion to semi-Pelagianism, IMO.

    The sanctification of sinners is neither quantitative nor qualitative contingent upon their participation.

    The participation in a sanctified and holy life in Christ, is totally the result of being renewed in heart and mind via regeneration by the Holy Spirit of Christ.
    There is a qualitative transformation for the outer man reckoned dead by faith as crucified with Christ. The Synergism I'm referring to is the renewed man participating once sanctified. It's not progressive sanctification, because that would be quantitative. There is a manner in which a "momentum" of permanence to death administered to the old man that culminates in perfection (completeness as maturity in reaching the divine goal). This is the Synergism to which I refer. The regenerate in us, which is solely by and from the power of God.
    As far as the role of the Holy Spirit; it is only because we are hypostatically translated into Christ that we are filled with the Spirit. We cannot put the new wine of the Spirit in the old wineskin of the old man, so to be filled is to be translated into Christ and put Him on as we also have put off the old man with sin in its nature and in its members. Christ, the Last Adam, was made a quickening Spirit. Synergism cannot be us contributing anything whatsoever. Resting in Him and His finished work.
    I don't disagree, which is what others presume to be contradictory and paradoxical. It IS Monergism; but it unfolds in a Synergism that God empowers us for. He's still the only source; but it's a matter of making the distinction between a Fatalistic Deism parallel versus the freedom we have in Christ. That freedom is the power to do as we ought, not the privilege to abuse and do as we want. The danger with other extreme hyper-Monergists is the tired automoton perception of robotic reliance and forced compliance it gives to those who would oppose Monergism. Synergism can NEVER be our own initiative. It is always our joyful subjection to Him and His will; and even that rejoicing and joy comes from Him.
    My outlined Monergistic position ultimately means there is a greater post-conversion Synergism that I don't see represented in Calvinist expression; which I see as too Deistic, if you understand that in context of the statement. Calvinism has a much too sterile pre-determinant sense of Fatalism and Futilism, as represented by most adherants. It is our regenerate ontology and epistemology by which we commune from time into timelessness to prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. The unregenerate do not have that Synergism because they're not IN Christ. And those who deny the Hypostatic Union and the full divinity of our Lord (NON-Kenoticism) are denying the very means of their eternal communion with God. I weep for their willful ignorance.
    The most sadly amazing thing to me is how many cannot even fathom to conceive of any of this; instead preferring dead and fallacious doctrines that deny the eternal sovereignty of God just because they want credit for their own believing and doing as righteousness. It IS righteousness... their own SELF-righteouness, as if anyone could ever choose God or even participate in faith without grace TO repent for renewing of the mind. The original creation was not Synergistic. How could the new creation, after evil and sin came forth, be Synergistic? The initial problem is not understanding what sin is as a NOUN. But it's ultimately a heart issue, regardless. Those who don't want to yield to God's sovereignty to maintain their own pride have ensured they are not the "whosever will". And the endless insistence that "the whole world" means anything other than the Gospel being inclusive of Gentiles, is just too sad to be hilarious.
    Not only is every detail of the finalized creation in God's eternal immutable mind to speak forth at the divine utterance; every last universality of every potential variable that does and does not manifest in creation is within His innate omniscious Self-conscious Self-existence. "Open Theism" is within the confines of the pre-creational mind of God; yet only that which is according to His will is brought forth into creation by His Monergistic causation, and the allowance that His causative nature overarches and encompasses. HE is the Necessity. Creation is not necessary. Because His hypostasis IS the singular underlying foundational reality of/for existence, creation need not be instantiated into actuality for God's inevitable sovereignty. And since His salvific covenant is unilateral, creation does not have to "ever" exist for Him to be a Covenant God.
    One other point that may seem like minutiae but has bearing. One of God's incommunicable attributes is Necessity. Creation has no necessity, so there is no valid necessary manifestation as is posited by many. One of the facets of God's Hebraic name/title of YHWH is "He who exists to covenant". So though it was within His divine nature TO create and covenant, creation is not necessary in its instantiation as manifestation. There is no inevitability with God in this sense, and thus no necessity for creation.

    If one thinks about a human author and the many concepts of all that would be included in a storyline for a novel; one would see that only the emerging product would have linearity, even if such a storyline unfolded with non-sequential references (like a movie that begins with an event, and then starts back before that event and works toward it. >>
    There is ONE thing that was missed by all the Patristics (and all the anathametized heretics as well), and it has continued to this day affecting virtually every false binary of Christian doctrine. It needs to be reconciled. All of it. And it can't have even one hint of Relativism, Pluralism, Positivism, Syncretism, Dualism, Reductionism, Deconstructionism, or Modernism. There is only one singular central absolute objective and KNOWABLE truth. One body. One Spirit. One hope. One calling. One Lord. One faith. One baptism. One God and Father.
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