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  • Thanks brother. You'd think I've been here long enough by now to understand the rules. "Not the sharpest tool in the shed" might have something to do with it... :chuckle:
    Sorry Delmar....that was probably my fault. I should have thought about that masked profanity before I posted that article. I was just blown away by the idea we were "mentally ill."
    Don't worry about it. He just had to leave a couple of rep comments. More to leave them than anything else...doesn't really matter. The more I think about it the less important it becomes. Edit: I see you got to them. Thanks. Sorry to bother you about it in the first place. Just me letting some doofus move me into acting a little like one too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Delmar. :cheers:
    Any chance I can get the last two CP messages by zip removed? If it's too much trouble I can live with it until they're buried, but I'd rather not have them hanging about the place...sheesh.
    Hey Buddy!! Just wanted to thank you for always being there and fixing things. It takes a special person to do all that you do. I couldn't do it. Lots of reading, I'll bet! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!! Can't you just taste that turkey and stuffing. I am dieting, so no cream cheese pies or ambrosia this year. Just turkey, stuffing and a veggie. And pumpkin pie, of course. I'm going to fast most of December. Have lost 10 lbs. that I've KEPT off. I had lost 17, but I gained 7 back. Will chat with you again soon, Delmar!! God Always Bless You And Yours!!
    Then the Tawheed is blasphemy, isn't it?

    I don't think Repentance should go, quite the contrary, but the blasphemic advertisement of Islam in the form of the Tawheed should be prohibited. It's used as a rallying banner as well. I don't know, I don't mean to overstep.
    It's not shocking and it shouldn't be. It's just a matter of fact that it is blasphemy and that is why I wanted to understand TOL's lack of action. Is Yeshua lesser than Muhammad? Is He just a man that God communicated prophecy to or is He the Only Son of the One True God, our gift of Grace for the atonement of the sins of all mankind? Is it a god with Muhammad or God with His Son who was given all authority in heaven and on earth?
    Eeset and I reported it. The Tawheed is the SoF of Islam (in brief.) Repentance is using it for an avatar. I don't question TOL staff decisions but I would like to understand.

    I cannot in good conscience accept this gift. Please use it to top up your Tolathon or return it to her and continue to take my monthly subscription.

    Thanks, H.

    This is truster's comment, did you read it?
    Originally Posted by Delmar View Post
    Peter James and John Believed that Jesus taught through Paul. Meshak knows better.

    So you don't believe that Jesus were perfect Teacher?

    Why did He say don't let anyone call you a teacher because He is the Teacher?
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