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  • Insofar as contributing monetarily, unless things change, I can't in good conscience donate any longer.
    I am simply astounded. What is more troublesome is the women who have jumped on this bandwagon.
    Eh, we normally are. The bizarre defense of using physical violence (aka rape) as being justifiable or for teaching a lesson is just bizarre.
    Oh. I didn't mean your comment. I meant the the fact that there is defense of marital rape as well as all of the current rape discussions that are going on.

    Sorry for the confusion.
    Heading out with no real plans on a return date. Enjoyed talking with you. Take care of yourself and keep poking the tiger (but make sure you're using a long stick). :cheers:
    I thought about doing that... GMTA - but only one mind acted on the thought. :chuckle:

    I underestimated the agility of the crowd milling around. :chuckle:
    Thanks. I closed it to keep the troll out. I wasn't going to respond to him or his thread but I saw the title and knew what he was up to. There's never a shortage of the untested brave. And I've never met someone who met that moment in a heroic fashion who felt compelled to defame those who didn't. :cheers:
    wooly bear caterpillars (caterpillar "puffs")
    why don't you customize some colors on your profile ? you communist ? you scared of colors ? it's a blast
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