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  • I closed my Creation thread, IMJerusha!! I hope you are doing excellent these days. I got 5 teeth pulled last week and also some bone cut off too. Not much pain at all and that was a week ago. Dentistry has come a long way!! The used Benzocaine and Lidocaine on me. They couldn't put me to sleep because I was sick with a cold. Well, I've got to run and go and make some cheese omelets for brunch here. Hey, you're the Best!! Much Love Always Coming At You From Him And me!!!


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    Jerusalem, what a wonderful surprise. I'm so happy to see you. :)

    I'm sorry about the health issues though. I hope you're getting through okay.
    Yes ma'am we do! Had some things going on around here that needed to deal with and work has been difficult lately so I haven't had much energy for anything else but sleep. I'm about to drop off now as 5 am comes early. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Oh my goodness! I can't believe I missed you!!!!! I'm so very sad! :( .. You know what.. I had to get my cell phone number changed because somehow our personal numbers were put up on our state website and people were calling us all the time. I'll pm you my new number. I bet anything that's why I didn't get your text. My number had already been changed. I'm so sorry and so upset I missed you!!!!
    Thank you for the kind and loving rep point. It means a lot especially at this particular time in my life.
    Dear IMJerusha,

    Hi!! Thanks so much for the good rep. I'll return the favor ASAP. It's so sweet that you thought of me. I can't believe that all of the reps got deleted. Bummer!! Oh well, have to start all over, I guess. God Bless You Tons IMJ!! Tons of Love!!!
    Yep - it is very hard. Our family is so small. Hopefully my son and his soon to be wife will make us lots of grand babbies!
    I appreciate it, sweetie - but the places I am hoping to get him into are private rooms, 3 meals a day and he gets to bring his own car, and come and go at will. Independence without the responsibility of keeping up a home, and being able to socialize with other people his age. I just hope he is able to do this - his heart is very bad. But I really do appreciate your offer - it shows what a loving heart you have. :)
    Thank you. :) He has been in the hospital twice and physical therapy rehab for three weeks in the past 5 weeks. Back in the hospital this morning. I need prayer for the right words to explain to him that it's time for assisted living. It breaks my heart, but he needs someone around 24 hours a day, and I can't do it. I have exhausted myself the past couple of years trying to keep him well, and he needs professional help now. :( I don't know how to break this.
    Good morning Dearie, I am just starting to learn about things that are very complicated to a non techie like me!
    It always feels so good to know that other people are holding up your loved ones in prayer. Thank you, again. :)
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