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  • Delmar I'm sorry but I seem to have lightheartedly and dumbly set a thread about baptism in "The Rest" section - can it be moved? I apologize.
    I've mostly left off the whole reporting nonsense for months, but the very least I'd appreciate it being removed as the follow up response to my answering another poster with legitimate concerns over the welfare of children:

    are you a pedophile yourself, or are you paid by pedophiles to act as their shill?

    Now if that isn't actionable I'm at a loss about the rules here and I'll assume he'll need to publicly dog cuss me to find offense. But at the very least I'd hope simple decency and my long standing arguments in support of both children and the unborn would warrant its removal.
    Hey, could you remove this:

    Originally Posted by resurrected View Post
    as eager as town is to push the pedophile agenda (the next wave of granting "civil rights" to perverts), allow me to remind you all what the Big Guy had to say about it:

    From Fellow Servant's POTD to me. I can't link or report it because he's on ignore, but I saw it reflected in a post The Five solas answered there. Thanks.

    Solas' post is here: And it should be right before that.
    Hi Delmar, I contacted Knight concerning this problem but he has not been online. I Have lost the Icons for going to the last post, giving rep and reporting posts. I can't start new threads either. Can an administrator reset a page or if possible turn on those affected icons?
    I want to object to what Res is doing in and to the Christian section here. It's unconscionable. He's become his own inquisition and judge and within a section that has to be above that...or is the entire site being converted into the Back Alley?
    Dear Delmar,
    I hope all is going well with keeping the weight off. I'm fluctuating a bit, but basically doing fine. Sometimes I splurge a bit, and gain a lb or two. Other days, I hardly eat anything. The pills I take make you not hungry. So I end up having only 1 or 2 meals per day. Mostly like a snack and then dinner is one or two courses. But see, I had Corned Beef yesterday, and that is marbled with fat, so it's a bit rough there.
    How is your weather doing there now?? I hope Spring has done sprung! You've got some very beautiful and fragrant flowers out there around this time. I mean the lilacs, honeysuckle and forsythia bushes. I miss them. We've got sand. (LOL). No, we have grass. Have got an orange tree in the back yard. Also an Artichoke plant. Lot's of palm trees and cacti too.

    Well was missing you. Hope that you and Stacy are doing excellent and still in LOVE!! God Bless You Strongly!!
    Delmar, please address Squeaky posting on ECT. We have the post where he denies the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

    I strongly protest his not following the rules the moderators set

    Praise God~ Very glad to hear that you are doing well.

    Yes, that thread is moving quickly, which is why I thought to mention my reply to you. There's no hurry... as you have time and the inclination. Thank you. :)
    Hello Delmar. I trust that you are doing well? This is just an fyi note to let you know that I made a reply to you in the The world must know this is a MAD board. thread, post #700.
    i pray that someday you find the healing peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ
    I'd appreciate having this libel against my faith removed from my rep box, if it's not too much trouble. :e4e:
    Delmar, I asked MarkA not to PM me again. After the last time
    we PMed each other! He's continue to harass me by PMing!
    He and I do not get along! He's a newbie on the forum but
    used to be on here under another name! He's done nothing
    but, be in attack mode since he's been here! Probably
    somebody I didn't get along with a long time ago?

    Is it even allowed, to change your name and come back
    as another person?

    I could put him on ignore but, if he continues to PM me
    that, would not be so good! I'd appreciate your input?
    Yes, I read about your reversal.

    However I continue to a two point infraction on my 'user CP.

    What does this mean?
    Hey Delmar,

    I have no clue what this point thing is all about and how to avoid its negative aspects. Would you explain or direct me to the necessary information site.

    I have read the tread and I do not see that my question has been answered or that I am wasting bandwidth. Please would you explain? I do not see that God holds that death is wrong, indeed when He is ready and under His grace, only some will be left on earth, as was the case in the time of flood when only Noah and co. survived.

    Also I cannot see that a 'child of God' (one under grace) can die (or be aborted) without the sanction of the Father. So maybe your ideals and laws are for 'children of the flesh'? For indeed, God is not mocked, both kind are here on earth.

    Please advise me, do not simply punish me. For indeed you seem to have taken the very serious role of 'one who knows', judge and jury. Remember you too will seek and expect fairness and indeed your stewardship will set the rules for your judgment at the high place. You are indeed making your bed. Be cautious.
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