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  • I just reported about musterions new thread using my real name.

    Please check. thanks.
    Hey Delmar, any chance of getting John W's Missouri graphic in spoilers in the College Football thread? Love the school spirit, but it's just ridiculously large.
    Delmar show me these so called offense remark that sent to cry baby. And look at what he has said to me in all the neg reps as well before you judge.
    :) Well, typically quincy will send it out, maybe tweak a question or two of his. For instance, he likely wouldn't ask you about your username given it's simply your name. My ten follow up questions are always the same.

    Here is a typical interview I'd bet he'll use most of the questions and if you want an advance to think of take a look there. I'll let Q know to send it on. If he's too slow/on hiatus or unavailable for a bit I'll alter his bit and send it on myself. :thumb:

    One way or another, when you get the questions just give it a shot then send the thing to me and I'll format it and post it to the Interview Archive. :cheers:
    Then "Congratulations!" and "God bless the lot of you". Didn't know. I wasn't going to give you more than good natured grief in any event. Look, you have your priorities dead center. I'll be keeping the little one in my prayers and way, way down the line of things when you have the time I'll come back to this, because I think you're one of the people who should be on that list.

    :cheers: Grandfather...I'm going to be really, really old when that happens to me. :)
    Does that mean you're really, really thinking it over? Or are you another of those dad-blasted introverts?
    Delmar, we got Knight and IK in the interview archive, but I noticed, going back to it, that we never had you in the mix. It's not a personally intrusive thing if you look over the questions, but I think it would be great if we could eventually get all the mods in and some of the newer members. If Q hadn't been gone for a while I wouldn't have let it slide this long. Anyway, I'd like you to consider it and if you've forgotten or never took a look at what the interview entails follow the link to it in my signature and see if it's something you could feel comfortable doing.

    Hey, Delmar...I reported Res dragging my parents and dead grandparents into his usual sort of grade school business, speculating that they were likely retarded (link here) and I'm wondering if the official line is that's within bounds. I'd have sworn it wasn't, but nothing has happened and it's been a good day. I don't take those sorts of shots and I've always thought TOL didn't allow it.

    I noticed tonight he's dragging my son into his issues (link here). I think he's trying about everything he can think of to get me to respond on his level and I have to admit I'm getting about as close as I ever have to using an expression or two I rarely allow myself.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate knowing someone actually looked at the comments and gave them a pass or a warning or whatever seemed appropriate.
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