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  • Excellent thread on "Today I have begotten you" :) ...will have to follow that thru,...but I'm aware of this being tampered with thru the writing of Alan Cronshaw, but he pursues a more Nazarene, Ebionite, Gnostic approach to the text, being more of the universal mystic type. But I think he takes this 'ommission' of the passage in the gospels in another direction, but interesting none-the-less. See here (challenge of the 10 words) :)
    hi daqq,....reading some juicy material on the "born of a woman, born under law" phrases,....some indicate it being a possible interpolation. The plot thickens! :)
    Yes...im tired of the policing and antics going on by that one.....so must call it out. Almost taking the 'ignore' route if deemed best, since space and time are valuable.
    yeah....if u see my former engagement with him there,....it appears hes more interested in a 'monologue', where we are the 'students' to be 'taught' as he the true treacher.....so goes the circle ;)
    oh wow,...hope things go well to get ur pc up and running :) Older systems can be interesting. The site has been acting up a bit, some pages not loading, but working fine for me now.....
    hi,...my last post to Ben on 'resurrection' and the 'afterlife',...funny, I had written a longer first initial post and accidently closed my window, losing my first dissertation! I tried to recover it (on windows here)...but couldn't recover it even in my 'history' files,...it appears if you are writing into a page in review/edit mode and the window is closed, there is no way to recover it. Unless you know how? Just curious,...anyways....what was posted was a 2nd draft,...or revision. Interesting how innovations go :)
    Hi Sherman, I appreciate that but also, (just so you know) I have kind of grown used to it so doesn't really bother me all that much. But then again, Thank you. :)
    Haha, GM, you just gave me another neg rep and now, for that, I am off to give you another positive rep. Every neg rep you give to me will result in a pos-rep for you as long as I am here. :)
    Thank you Daqq,....its some sacred geometry....I think a blend of the flower of life graph and Metatron's cube thrown into, with rainbow light vibrations :)
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