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  • Hi Patrick Jane, sorry but for some reason when I click on "view conversation" it will not allow me to reply to you, (it says I am not allowed access to the page to respond to you). By the way, you must not have gone back to the thread where you asked me this? I did answer you there but do not remember the thread now. Anyway just replace the word YELLOW with BLUE in the code boxes. :)
    Hi daqq,....I just saw your comment on my ECT blog post!, sorry a bit late....not sure there is a 'notification' system for blog replies, beyond looking at your blog for 'recent comments',...but will check again. I just replied to it ;)
    oh, just leaving some of the 'trinity' debate threads is all,...Im always busy exploring/expounding in other diverse fields of course,...and may create a new 'fun thread' for more universal dialogue in one of the sub-forums.
    Hi daqq,...leaving the ole tired out 'Unitarian/Trinitarian' debates, and all the POV's inbetween those concepts that make for more 'con-fusion'. - its just a hamster wheel. - have fun though.
    Careful....Pierac is a text technician too :) - we do agree on many points actually, but you know 'the devil is in the details' - :crackup:
    Now you are speaking my language!

    You know I speak in many tongues :) - I gathered I was. - although I enjoy exploring other 'dialects' too. I notice on that thread though,...a lot of religious egos butting heads. - I'll just stick to some fun shots and universal principles to encourage some 'free thought'.
    I see you're having fun in the "Jesus is God" thread....I just recently unsubscribed from that discussion,....since I contributed enough, but few would engage such points, and there comes a point of 'exhaustion'. I've towed the ole 'Unitarian vs. Trinitarian' boat for enough these days,...while a host of other 'Christologies' can be explored and played with as well. Infinity is 'open-ended' :)
    I was referring to that saying since no one commented yet on it. It has a different spin on the old wine in new wine-skins metaphor. If no one has any comments we can go to the next saying.....
    I meant particularly about you 'being on a roll' in our GoT thread,....since its been 'quite' there for sometime,...thanks for reviving. See my response there,....I was waiting for commentary on my last sharing of saying 47. Scroll back ;)
    I followed your link below,..but confused somewhat. Is there 2 'Jesus is God' threads? :think: I appear to be active only on one of them.
    Cool. However, its difficult to have a 'creative dialogue' with some folks who don't think outside the box, or exercise their faculties beyond their own dogmatic paradigm. Things get more 'hairy' when comparing Jesus teachings with Paul's who has his own 'gospel-spin', which is why I've generally held a more gnostic-friendly view towards some of Paul's writing (interpreting such allegorically/metaphorically) only, and being more anti-Pauline with regards to holding to sentiments more in line with the early Nazarene/Essene/Ebionite followers of Jesus, which is more Judaic friendly, although they get nailed by the Paulines as being 'Judaizers',....a rather smug term IMO.
    From your post here - good stuff,...and a near bullseye. A JW friend and I had a few threads here on John 8:58...where some believe Jesus said "I AM",...but as you note, as well as other problems in assuming he was using the same 'word' found in Ex. 3:14 (not),....we had a heyday with that one. The Trinitarian superimposition is pretty clear here, as many translations say "I AM" in capitols, cross referencing Ex. 3:14,..which just isn't good scholarship. Now for more liberal teachings of the "I Am", I also have gleaned from the 'ascended master schools' and the Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) teachings on that. I had a thread on 'non-duality' once upon a time ;)
    Thus the place where the lusters are buried is called Kibroth haTaavah, "Graves of the Cravers" or lustful. Abraham did not divide the clean tsippor bird in Gen 15:10 but rather waited upon YHWH showing patience and allowed the Father to cut covenant with him. The implications are that many do rush headlong in proclaiming they have a "covenant" (i.e. "saved") which they neither understand nor indeed have in their possession.

    ;) - there are a lot of 'saved' folks out there eh.......
    Thanks for the rep! Just need to sum things up once and a while... Jesus was accused of portraying Himself as God in John 10:33 KJV. Jesus said His detractors were gods in John 10:34, 35. And Jesus said He was the Son of God in John 10:35 KJV. Jesus refuted the accusation He said He was God, and maintained He was the Son of God. Those who proclaim Jesus is God are taking the same posture as those who sought His crucifixion. Quite interesting, indeed!
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