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  • hi, just added more on my atonement thread,....i do wonder though how u view any animal sacrifices being restored, being proper or efficacious or not? We're doing just fine without killing innocent animals...so not sure WHY the bloodshed would be reinstated? its kinda bizzare. Thoughts?
    don't forget to 'rate' excellent those thread u feel worthy of high rating :) - the stars will show on main page by thread.
    hi daqq.....dispatched 2 essays on blood atonement, the first was new....the 2nd part the original draft you were privy to view ;) - Im sure the tar pots are boiling and feather bags at the ready! lol
    disatching soon in the one call out thread by EE,...dang.....I could barely get thru the OP. anyways,...my first DIVE there will commence soon :)
    Aumen :) - i'm giving the calvies hell :) - and spicing things up ....tiring sometimes of the more serious theologizing....so spiking the punch with humor :)
    Im on a roll,...but will try to retire early tonight....been staying up too late philosophizing :)
    i have so many windows open on various places on tol,...I do wonder sometimes where it shows me as being 'active' :) giggles - I imagine it updates and shows the last page that was opened
    Still looking first to see what former commentary of mine exists on the passage,...then will survey again the video lectures available, then determine if a new thread on this passage alone, merits its own thread. So....many factors involved. Evaluating.......
    here :) - still looking for my former commentary. - this should suffice for now for EE to nibble on :crackup:
    I tire of much of the Unitarian/Trinitarian debates, except to expound more on interesting points in the 'tensions' involved, scriptural interpretations, etc. This is why I sometimes just break down and go "meta",...free coursing with philosophical compositions, taking it as a 'creative writing' venture....just go artistic with it all. - since I see truth/wisdom as universal anyways,...taking the esoteric path as a gnostic suits me just as well. Also a purely theosophical approach blasts pretty much a lot of the DOGMA being regurgitated, especially from a more Blavatskian point of view :)
    ok buddy ...just saying....u have a free blog here in any case,....you can use it for any creative purpose. Just an extra feature for you to indulge...if u get the itch :)
    oh was gonna ask u,...did u c JS's 'Today I have begotten you 2' thread? I guess he was trying to do a 2nd spin off of ur first one....hmmmm - it had gotten no responses so far.
    Ok,...good job big boy! lol - its cleared,....I lost my original response, but its all good (even as YHWH says) ;) - see u on the forums :surf:
    Daqq...urgent, please go thru your Private Messages and DELETE some messages in our INBOX...I cannot SEND u my PM....your INBOX is FULL! let me know when u do....like to send u response back :)
    thanks daqqy :) lol.....for some reason though it just shows as a black box for me,...must be a temp. system quirk. - anyways,...some very interesting points by tatz :)
    Hi daqq,....see my last few posts - I'll be making another commentary on Heb. 1:8 for drbrumley, in response to his shindig with meshak. I think we've covered heb. 1:8 elsewhere,...but amping up some more research to do this passage justice :)
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