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  • I'm going to read Enoch on a pdf or however I can. I have a multi part video series that I can listen to on youtube pulled up for later today or tomorrow. What other books or writings do think are worthy of being scripture? Ethiopia has a long historical connection to the Jews right?
    I did a cursory read on that last post about Enoch and Genesis etc. That's a lot to take in and above my pay grade of Biblical understanding. Perhaps Tam can pick it apart or maybe 1Mind. I don't let this conspiracy affect the doctrine that I believe. I have good spiritual discernment. We'll find out though if it's a flying spinning ball though, won't we? :chuckle: BTW since you pointed out that I thanked your post, I thank posters I like sometimes without reading the whole post if they're long. I also thank anytime I smile or learn even one thing.
    Merry Christmas daqq !!! You might be the best candidate for rebutting 2003Cobra's "errors" in scripture. Do it for Christ.
    hi daqqy, dont mind me if i undergo nirvanic blow out, since i'm having too much fun in the cosmic jet spray :surf: - yes,....I cover all dimensions, perhaps too far out for some,...but reel it in just a bit,...and some wonderful insights emerge. Could be little dribbles or pinpricks....but any little bit of stimulus could do wonders. Just a heads up ;)
    Why is eppoises assuming u r into ufos? Is he mixing u up with me? Or have u shared about believing in such?
    omg,....LA just closed his blood atonement thread again! Sad. We had so much more to share.
    Yes, but many are still caught up in the literal fleshly doctrines, and revel in bloodshed or ritual itself as an end all be all. Of course more religionists will admit an inner or allegorical meaning behind it all. I just don't see any reason to believe the Bible is inerrant, however its been canonized, since other books may be just as wonderful. Of course all is spiritual, but in the development of Christianity in all its branches,..there are different ways to interpret it all,....and all the while....of course God is Spirit, and Spirit alone is life. See, ...we're just back to the meaning and value behind all the letters, with plenty of 'wiggle room' for various spin ;)
    may be adding more fun videos on the blood atonement thread :) - the penal substitutionary view was a later 11th century development by Anselm and others. I still don't get what blood sacrifices of innocent animals in the 3rd Temple era (if it even comes to be) will accomplish, which is why I still question the 'god' of the OT ;)
    Some dimensions of revelation, light, conscious self-reflection naturally occurs, because 'God' is the light behind all creation, the infinite intelligence pervading all. All else are just relational constructs, paradigms, images, archetypes, forms and what have you, a playground for the intellect :) - anyways....lest I get too 'universal' lol - I love going full "meta" ;)
    That is unfortunate, since I see among the dogmatic,...this tendency towards 'apologetics', and some are often creating enemies to battle just to have something to keep 'defending',....its always the almighty 'creed' they seem to live and die for,...the 'religious construct' itself, and not really much of 'Real God'. From a more universal eclectic view, my own,....reality or truth needs no defense,...it is here to be explored, researched, evaluated, considered,...and 'creative dialogue', 'explorative disussion' is a good way of doing that. Reality is what IS,...we are just contextualizing it within whatever religious tradition or belief-system we happen to be adopting or interpreting at any given moment. Deity is INFINITE. - unknowable even,...it just IS.
    Yeppers :) - but its fun to throw a wrench into the machine sometimes,...maybe to wake up some to research further. I still don't see a 'lock-down' on any convincing proof that Jesus is YHWH,...but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, or my spiritual eyes are still closed because of I am counted among the unregenerate, UNTIL the Lord decides to convert me :) - u know,...all that TULIP stuff. Its a wild world.........
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