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  • well, I've read the passage in 'context', and don't see how the passages after verse 10 affect or produce any 'answer' to my former commentary. Perhaps you can try again ;)
    Very good,....I usually use text to insert a link into as in a title of a post or subject or just using an instruction like go "here" (insert link) - the linked text is then blue and underlined. I don't think I've ever used an emoticon to insert a link into,....I see you're one up on me :)
    yes, if we are conversing back n forth, we would do it thru the 'view conversation' venue,...so we would get the responses on our own page. These discussions of course are public, so anyone can follow them. For more private matters we use 'private message' feature ;)
    Hello, I think you can respond now to visitor messages,...lets practice. You have to hit the 'View Conversation' button in lower right corner....which takes the dialogue to its own page, then your responses will go to my profile page where I can read your response, otherwise your response goes to your own profile page here, and I wont be able to tell if you responded, unless I were to visit your page. Give it a try :)
    Hi Wbm, thanks for the heads up. :)

    Hi meshak, it is nice to meet you also, I have read some of your posts and we surely do agree on some important things. :)
    cr seeks to make the wicked soul imperishable.

    He whispers the same lie the serpent did. ye shall surely not die

    The implication is that Gods own soul can be divided

    God is one period

    also He implies that if Gods soul inside a human goes to hell then Gods soul will be tormented.

    also sadly the implication is that Gods soul within a man can be corrupted and stained of sin.
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