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  • ,...so I venture that way sometimes,...while Jesus was sent by the TRUE Heavenly Father to present the gospel of love and truth, grace and wisdom,.....surely a different tone to some of the OT presentations of YHWH, so it could be a matter of misrepresentations and confusion of names, to a degree :) thots?......i can present these on the thread as well...to get some dialogue going ;)
    Well, looks like Nihilo got in a tissy fit and accused me of not being a 'christian',..the audacity,...then dovetailing with the bit on 'resurrection'. Looks we are towing the boat on 'Jesus is not YHWH',...but would like to take the YHWH being the Father thing more, although we (u especially) have shown that its pretty clear that YHWH is the Father. Now if to some trinitarians Jesus is YHWH in the OT, there are some problems that we've touched on already,....but I sometimes take it further from a Gnostic POV,...the god of the OT maybe being the 'demiurge', and the true Heavenly Father being above him,...since the YHWH portrayed in the OT is somewhat more of a bloodthirsty demi-god, moon-god warlord variety....
    Yeah......at least its more liberal in some respects, but every forum has its own 'politics' going on. I just responded back to SHerman on the 'SPammers wasteland' thread....my posts got sent there! see here. - then my responses here (follow dialogue downward) - let me know if this works for you,...not sure if only subscribers can access this area.
    lol, spot on there. They can read thru these public messages, but who cares when it comes down to it. 1st amendment,...and then some. I was composing a 2nd response to Nihilo's post to me about the 'resurrection', and I lost it! with connection issues when the server was down temporarily.....it was a long well thought response too,....gone in cyber space now, unless I can miracuously recover it somehow. I will keep my eyes open,....I think i'm still a member of Theologyweb and christianforums.com but have not posted there for long time. Other forums I belong to but not that active, but there are very liberal and non-traditional christian forums, more theosophical, new-age, spiritualist and eclectic :) - like Blavatsky I think I enjoy engaging and challenging dogmas and critical free thinking, holding to universal truths, principles, values, etc.
    Which is a load of BS. I dont take his bullying and find his brown-nosing comical. What I also dont like is the pontificating tone and talking down to people which I will NOT tolerate and expose when I encounter it. Real 'God' is not impressed, rather repulsed I'm sure. Other than that.....just coordinating my commentaries, and where I will contribute on the forum, since the Gestapo is apparently taking this place over.
    hi daqq,....just got banned from the Trinity thread,...for my comment to Lon, ...he went whining to a paricular moderator. Its becoming a Gestapo around here,.....a circus. How are u? :)
    Hi daqq,......agree with ur PM :) just holding my ground and speaking my truth. I will expose, expound and exposit as I see fit, as u will 2. Spirit blessings! - u need to clear ur PM inbox.....its full....cant send pm 2 u.
    hello daqq,....Ive dived back into my Essene studies, posted fresh on my 'blood atonement' thread. I was wondering your study of this branch, and if u were familiar with the Gospel of the Holy 12. I know its controversial to some, but does have some correlations to some of the earlier Hebrew/Essene like gospel, fragments, etc. Also,...I love some of the gems found in gospel of Hebrews, Ebionites, Egyptians, Nazarenes, etc. I'm not too sure about the Essene Gospels of Peace,...but like the natural elemental qualities to it :) - Edgar Cayce's readings on the Essenes are also of note, as well as some other teachers....
    sorry if Im getting 'Jacob' and 'James' mixed up...are these names interchangeable? see my last post.
    hi daqq, serious question about the whole man Jesus and if/how he is still one with the logos or Christ-spirit? Also the ttitles 'Son of God', 'Son of Man',...are these titles only given when Jesus was anointed with the logos-spirit, and is this Messiah-Son still merged with the man Jesus? Its confusing. See your 'Adoptionist' thread.....I know u've attempted to answer this before, but frankly...I'm a little confused. SOrry....just the way it is...I get a lot of other stuff,...but I think the terms, titles and how the human Jesus and a divine logos are merged or separate can be a bit mind boggling. thanks
    hi daqq, familiar with the Clementine writings? - was gonna read these more in depth,...some enthusiasts of early church era teachings use these works to support some of their doctrinal stances,...they seem to have a peculiar anti-Pauline flavor. While I'm critical of some of Paul's writings, its interesting nonetheless, as tries to find just what the early Nazarens, followers of the Way, the original apostles of Jesus taught, which seems to be closer the Ebionites/Essenes in various flavors since they stayed closer to Judaism, and did not accept aspects of Paul's new gospel innovations. Anyways,...most interesting.
    giggles,....couldn't resist letting Clete have a little dose of his own meds :) - I see u guys did too :) - hope u enjoy my response ;)
    just posted. Yes bro. All u share is truth. I just want to keep the spirit there right, the motives pure. Even with with good motives have to be careful....because just reading one who is of a wrong spirit, or negative...can affect us negatively, karma-wise....so we don the Spirit's power of LIGHT to outshine such, and even our love can transmute that negative energy! - and so we share in extending the 'atonement' of Messiah.....
    wow.....just browsing over my 'atonement' thread.....i hope since my name is in the title, we'll keep it most excellent! :) - will add soon, and some goodies from non-canonical sources....even spirit messages - the heretic hunters will be going bonkers :jolly:
    Seems James would know Jesus teaching most intimately, being Jesus brother,...assuming James the Just wrote the epistle attributed to him? thots?
    *but u must go by the levitical laws,...you profane the most holy sanctions of the temple ritual!* - Ok,...protests from the Temple Institute asides (I assume u've seen their website...getting the priestly garments and utensils of the temple at the ready,..but not sure if the ark of the covenent will be found and returned to the holy of holies? - as u know i have many questions, perhaps I will brandy a few about in the blood atonement thread ? - in due time...i'm coordinating a more Jewish view of atonement without blood, then will go into other non-canonical sources on the subject, after running thru canonical stuff. - my question is WHY do orthodox jews believe the promise of the 3rd temple being built...is it not in the scripture? - and if they reinstitute the sacrifices.....I guess they do. Are u saying these will be wholly unprofitable, wholly useless?
    *orthodox jewish priests rising in protest* - but yhwh commands it! how dare u deny the Lord his sacrifice. *sanhedrin in an uproar*....out with the heretic! lol
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