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  • I'm fine. Just napping a lot so that I don't have to keep the fireplace going all day. I'm glad that this weekend's supposed to be warm.
    I hear you. I'm not unsympathetic to CR, but lately he has just gotten more obstinant. It seems to resurface regularly. I'm not sure if it's more age, being on the boards too frequently or doctrinal (or a combination of the three) but there does seem to be some pride coming across that I hadn't seen before.
    Not quite what I had in mind. You're quite the optimist. :chuckle:

    But thank you although it's quite undeserved, and now we should talk about something else. :)

    okay. :)

    Hi theo...see in my stats section or click on my name, and see "all posts by freelight" to see my last posts (100 post archive)....paulie has been busy! :) taking on the riff raff, clearing up misconceptions, etc. Usual freelight stuff ;)
    Good morning, to the point: I know myself. I rarely turn the other cheek. So, when I find myself in an intractable situation wherein I do not wish to cause difficulties for people of whom I am fond, I must stay away. I am quite fond of "James". Luckily I do not have to stay away from Scripture! Thanks for your response.
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