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  • will get back to posting soon in my 'cosmic cafe' thread,...looking to use it more as a seg-way station, blog-portal or 'nexus' between my other posts and subjects of interest. I think the posts archive only lets u go back to the last 100 posts,...i'll double check to see if its changed any with the new format. - otherwise, lose older commentaries or posts of note unless you archive or copy them elsewhere.
    Thanks for the Bible verses, theophilus!! Says more than I could that easily. I just got back from ER after having a terrible allergy to some OTC medicine that I got at Walmart. They gave me Pepcid and Prednisone. I'll see if it works! Gotta run!! Praise The Lord!!!
    yes,....i'll try it out, - I usually like to be thanked for adding some meaningful/insightful philosophic/theological content, so nice to get feedback on that , or thanking another for saying something "just right" regarding the subject :)
    Ah, good to it counts as a rep as far as rep accounting goes, but then you can hit 'thanks' unlimited times? Namaste!
    "Oh,well then," said the fellow, by the light of his flaming stack of National Geographic magazines."It's a bit like Manila, except for the topography, language, general composition of the populace, culture and weather...those aside you'd be hard pressed to note the difference." :plain:
    Also, does this mean you're from or live in Manila? (and they thought I was wasting those National Geographic lessons) :eek:
    Are you using Night Mode now? If so and you haven't seen the chatbox, try using it with TOL Purple and you'll get green boxes instead of the burn orange. I much prefer this look to the glaring white. I have my night mode dialed all the way up.
    Ditto! just getting used to the new format......sure there are kinks to still work out.....
    Yeah, we like the T'pol character, too. elo says that character is a good one for me - and I liked the idea, too - I found this pic and it struck us both as a good avatar. We are still deciding for him. It was time for avatar changes, with the old threads closed.
    I took a few shots, too. :chuckle: The author needs to rethink that piece. At first glance it's easy to miss the errors.
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