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  • At one point we had fourteen rescued animals on our acreage. Except for bad weather we didn't have to deal with litter boxes much and I'm grateful. At present it's two senior cats and one dog. The rest are resting about under this or that tree. I like the notion of some part of them in the greening. :cheers:
    That's really cool. I really like the guy, too. He seems like a genuine person. I really appreciated the hard work he put into my vaccine thread a while back. He's on the right side of some good causes. :up:
    I'm an Enya fan...

    Great, I also like Loreena McKennitt :) - but hope you find some of Michelle Tumes wonderful as well ;)
    Well if you're glad, then I'm glad for you... but like a lot of life experiences, I hope there was some good in there for you to remember. :)
    :D Yay!

    FTR, your pleasant disposition and sense humor is reason enough to smile.
    Counting on you to be a peace-keeper.

    Aumen. For such prove themselves to be children of God :) I try,...but have my moments when dealing with fundies and those of certain mentalities,...I'm sure you can relate ;)
    I know that. This user has a long history on TOL of joining under different usernames ... receiving an infraction and THEN flaming out.

    He's quite predictable. The interesting part, is that I quit responding to him a few days ago ... and he just kept following me around and responding to my posts anyways.
    Voyager was the best Star Trek, imo.

    I wasn't a Deep Space Nine fan, but the funniest Star Trek episode was on DS9. You should check out the episode if you get the chance. It's titled: The Magnificent Ferengi.
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