I am a fool for Christ. Whose fool are you?

Reading, gardening, crocheting and replacing parts on my Jeep.
Aug 11, 1960 (Age: 60)
North Carolina
Religious Affiliation
Protestant Christian
Political Spectrum
Right Winger
Slogan or motto
Thank You, LORD. Always.
A little bit more about me
I am a old woman who lives in the woods with cats. I try to avoid people (too much drama), I live simply and close to the earth. I believe God is good and Jesus is coming back (hopefully soon). I would rather be home than anywhere else.
Are you a robot?


Do you not realize, O soul, that your every breath, every heartbeat, every thought, word, deed and motive are lived every second of every day before the very Face of God?

*Right now counts forever!

Romans 14:12
Matt. 12:36-37

Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi!

"And I'll be gone to heaven in a flash of fire with or without you." ~Hoyt Axton

- Psalmist
- Desert Reign