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  • Please tell your bride I emailed Stripe and asked about him and told him we were praying for his country.
    Center mass is what I was taught as well. Still, if some chicken-snit is running he might as well get it in the gluteus maximus. :)
    And I can't get your link open. DANG!
    In reference to your rep comment, you are welcome. In all honesty, I believe there wouldn't have been such a conflict a few years back between you, PM1 and myself had it not been for a third party's participation.

    Oh well, it is what it is. Again, I do appreciate you both speaking up for victims.
    If I had been killed as a tourist in that country, it would not have been the result of reaping what I sowed. It would have been the result of choosing a country that was less than safe and not taking enough necessary precautions. Reaping what you sow involves going about your life contrary to God's principles. You ignore his principles to your detriment. You make a life out of deceiving people; you will reap the whirlwind eventually.
    I think the ones Doser and GD are arguing with are cretins.... Not Doser. Especially, the two that keep harassing me even though I haven't spoken to either of them. These people call good evil and evil good. I am miffed you are supporting these God haters. Neither Doser or GD is making excuses for rape. Why can't you see this?
    Hi Elo, I am so crushed by Sherman's support of Dozer. It comes from Knight. He seems to enjoy Dozer and permits his outrageous behavior.
    Hi Elo

    I'm really interested in your response to my last PM. I figure you might be miffed with me about the rape thread, so can we just forget it between us? I really want to discuss L with you and my plans with her.

    Could you clear some space in your PM box?
    Appreciated. I'll give it a look, though we don't have any history of heart disease in my family and in dad's large, generation spanning farm family only one kid is dead, at 86, from cancer (smoked like a chimney) and the oldest is sharp as a tac and driving herself at 92. Good genes to work with and my mother's side are hearty and long lived as well. But starting my family later than the norm I mean to take full advantage and raise my odds. Thanks. :cheers:
    Thanks Elo, you've always been a good friend to me...an occasionally crazy one, but those are mostly the best sort. :noid: I haven't had a lot of sleep, so if I'm repeating myself forgive me, but dad had an 80% blockage in one artery. The rest was fine and the warning, mild attack that did no real damage (thank God) was the best thing that could have happened to him. One stent later and a night in observation because of his age and where they had to go in and he's home with those who love him...he'll even be back on the course in a week or so, playing the sort of golf you normally only see in courses with large, moving windmills. :eek:
    I'm lurking out of retirement. :chuckle: Just doing some browsing now. Not ready to jump back into the fray just yet. How are you?
    :guitar: I'm really sorry, Steven,
    But your nine-passenger Expedition's been stolen.
    I was watching her for you till you came back in the fall.
    I guess I didn't do such a good job after all! :guitar:
    On the good side, I've been looking into raising honeybees and goats (for milk). I found a local person who sells fresh eggs and I found a somewhat local farmer (ten miles from me) who sells herdshares from his dairy cows. He charges way less than the last person I talked to and will include the cream from my milk in my monthly share (four gallons of milk and four gallons of cream). I get to start my herdshare on Monday (payday) by giving him a deposit of $30 and then $16 a month for feed for "my" cow. I'm going to teach myself to make butter and hopefully succeed in teaching myself to make cheese. The dairy farmer said that he'd teach me to make butter.

    So, Monday, on top of running around paying my bills, I will have my herdshare done and have at least a few tomato plants, cucumber plants, and zucchini plants started. I'll ask my nephew to take some pics for me with his phone since my phone cannot post them to the web.
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