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  • To me the rep system has been changed to put neg rep where it should be, in the symbolic range. But then, I'd do the same for pos rep. One like, one point and that's it. :idunno:
    Wish I'd known. I rep'd him often of late and tried to interject a goofy note into the last thread where LA was going ballistic. If you hear from him give him my best...
    I got that. It was remarkably crude, which was the only reason I took public exception... I don't know how you stand on the genetic notion and it's fine with me if we differ, especially given I'm not completely sold either way. I just can't fathom being able to make that choice. Ultimately, to me, it doesn't really matter what the impetus is for the sin. Sin is to be resisted, the way you might resist the urge to drink if youi're an alcoholic.

    Anyway, appreciate the response and consideration. I don't do much reporting anymore so I feel pretty strongly about it when I do. :e4e:
    Just came out of left field. Peculiar given I was answering his challenge and trying to get to the truth of it...I can't believe anyone who is straight would be able to choose a homosexual life. I can't fathom finding that attractive without a very different internal context, which is why I suspect gays are at the very least genetically influenced.
    Hiya Ik. I hope all is well.

    I hate to bother you, but I started a thread and accidentally put the OP title in all small letters. Is there anyway you could go in and correct my mistake? This is the link to the thread I started.

    If it's technically difficult to do so, please just regard my request. Anyways, thanks ... and I would enjoy having your input on this topic, btw.
    Dear Inzl Kett, I think you are a cool person and I would appreciate it if I could add you to my list of Friends. I already have, but I wanted to make sure it's okay with you. Your birthday is the same as my ex-girlfriend's birthday. We still keep in touch every week. Of course, I still love her. My love doesn't turn off and on. It just stays on. Much Love Coming Your Way In His Name,
    Michael Cadry
    Dear Inzl Kett,
    I managed to get it fixed I think. Thanks for offering to help. That's great to know that you know how to fix things if I need it. I hope all is going well for Delmar. He's probably home now resting. When you wrote me, I was offline at the grocery store picking up a few things when you posted me. Of course I'm willing to be coached or so. You are one of my Friends at my site. Hope that's okay with you. Well, I'll get going for now and you have a fun day. Much Love In His Name, MichaelC
    Somebody left something creepy in my user panel. I click the user cp and these comments come up. one of them is creepy. The man must be psycho.
    This is just too strange. I may consider at a later date.
    Today 08:06 PM
    what is ETC?

    Under grace of God, there are very serious consequences for denying and oppressing Truth.

    What good is this forum if the brazen Truth cannot be aired? In this day and age, your antiquated aim to oppress free expression so as to prop up your misguided ideas can and will easily bring an end to this forum.

    Fact is all my post are absolutely supported by KJV N.T. revelations. I offer no excuse or apologies. I am always prepared to provide the revelations that literal support my posts. Beyond that I can offer no defense or justification that can satisfy you. However I will defend my right to free speech which is not a right under the rule of Peter & Co.

    Live up to the slogan of this forum: Open rebuke (as in the Truth brazenly told) is better than love (for Peter) demonstrated by carefully concealing Truth (about him as confirmed in the KJV N.T..)

    The rules of fairness require that you engage me with respect to my posts and prove me wrong.
    I accept your band. However the reason you gave for this band is flawed for the following reason:

    The "authority of the Bible and its writers" confirmed that Jesus identified Peter to be Satan. No one else was identified to be Satan.

    The bible also confirmed that unaware people are sent to Satan so that they might stop their blaspheming ways so that their spirits might be saved in the day of the lord Jesus.

    It is clear that Peter was identified to be Satan by Jesus and given this commission where unaware people are sent to Satan so that they might stop their blaspheming ways so that their spirits might be saved in the day of the lord Jesus.

    This is bible. Clearly the concepts in 'main stream' are very erroneous. They do not draw on the authority of the bible. Their ideas are disjointed and confusing.

    I urge you to recognize that many are called to what passes for Christianity. However the very great majority are not chosen because they do not know or get Truth and they err.

    The corner stone of any authentic and exclusive Christian forum is to seek out Truth which is validated by KJV N.T. revelations.

    My deliveries of Truth, as validated by KJV N.T. revelations at this time can enable those who are informed by my writings here to be the few who are last and chosen first because they know and get Truth and do not err.

    Principalities and powers in high places are seriously compromised at this time. The Old is no longer powerful.
    As I said in my last visitors post (which you deleted)...I REALLY do not care what you have to say or what your opinion is.

    You are one of the BIGGEST hypocrites that has EVER graced this forum...

    You disgust me. Really. You do.

    So take your subtle digs and shove them where the sun don't shine, honey.
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