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  • Dear Sherman,

    Patrick jane has pulled out one of my threads out of the blogs and is acting like I just posted it, and is adding posts to it. You'd have to go check it out. It's called "My Greatest Vision!" and you can tell where he has changed the date on it. I think it is Post #46 or so. Please help me. I don't know what else to do!!

    It's not a big deal, but is there any way I can get my "Windows 8 and other computer nonsense" thread title changed to omit the "8"? Not slaving it to a particular version would be better for the thread, I think.
    Dear Sherman,
    You're really doing a great job as a Moderator. It really must be hard to do, but you know all of the tricks. And learning more. I do hope you have a excellent week ahead of you and yours.
    Yeah, I just decided to let Guru go at one point...there are a couple I'm cutting loose. You can't really have a meaningful conversation with someone who has chosen a context that just doesn't have any anchor outside of his noggin.
    I think that's fair and yeah, his material wasn't really supportive. I was half way through the first link and thought, "Outside of brushing up on my verbs, this isn't really going anywhere".

    I think he served his country, was hurt and felt abandoned by it (as so many in his circumstance rightly have and do) and that fed the larger complaint that he now can't divorce even sound argument from. Which is too bad.
    I don't know what that was about either...I tried helping out by giving quick translations, but a lot of it was just voluminous and off topic even if you read Spanish. :idunno:. Thing is, he has a few points. If he'd make them instead of seeming to make anti American propoganda at least as important he'd get in less factual trouble and wouldn't have to get creative with an underlying truth...go figure.
    Not a problem. If it ever comes to it I can (sobs) lose Observations, but give me heads up so I can save it elsewhere if you ever need to. :thumb:
    I knew I needed an umbrella...anyway, I just looked over my remaining threads and put a list of around twenty or more I wouldn't miss if they were pruned. So if you need to, take a look and you're welcomed to them. :eek:
    thanks for your support!!

    I'll say the same thing I said when you weren't a mod, that we don't always see eye to eye on things, but I firmly believe you do your level best to be fair in your responses. I think that's all we should ask of anyone in your position and repeated efforts from all sorts of anglels by a few pot stirrers, I'm confident, won't alter you a bit. :)
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