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  • Do you feel your 'spirit' is of the same nature/substance of 'God' who is Spirit, so to "follow your spirit" is essentially following your own divine-nature and will, which is one with God. Comments?
    Salutations in the Shekinah :) - I skimmed over your thread commentary, and am somewhat familiar with your doctrinal perspectives, as we've hashed out stuff before. I'll give it another go, and see if a response ensues. Otherwise, how goes the journey?
    Jesus' clear identification is in His own word. Thanks for your concern.

    I don't add to His word or deduct anything what He said.
    can i use that post of yours for my discussion with (gods truth) in the thread of glossia we are discussing obedience and love.
    I am trying to communicate that true and proper obedience is birthed out of love

    and that obedience does not produce love
    but rather love produces/births right obedience
    Hi Gurucam. I am doing fine. As for your new post/thread/OP, I read it. You didn't listen to what I have been saying about God being the one who searches the hearts. You provide a lot of scripture, but I believe you misinterpret it. Also, you talk about Jesus being the light, which you once apologized to me for saying when I provided the correct verse (John 14:6 the way, the truth, and the life, not the Truth, the way, and the light.), but now you are using this word many times in many posts. There is no need for me to reply to a post that shows you are repeating yourself. The only thing I saw that was advantageous was your reference to verses in John 16 about the Holy Spirit, which you give your own spin interpretation to. Also, you once posted that Jesus is at the left hand of God. If you post things like this, and that Jesus is the Truth, way, and the light, how am I supposed to believe you... especially when you say that doing the will of God by the Spirit is equivalent to coming up with your own intuitions about truth.
    I have pointed out that the verse says the way, the truth, and the life. You repeat the Truth, the way, and the light.
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