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  • You operate on the a false assumption on two things. First, that I care about rep. Second, that I care about what you think. If you want to gather your conservative buddies and neg rep me into oblivion, go for it. "HEY! Agree with what we say or I will ruin your reputation!" How very christian of you.. :rotfl:
    GM wishes to thank you for giving me your permission to, "look the dweeb." That's extremely generous of you to allow me, this "Luxury." In this "walk of life" it's rare
    to come across someone; such as yourself, that is willing to extend such a freedom to
    a fellow human being! It's very refreshing to witness such, generoscity!! You have my, gratitude dear lady......
    My personal apologies for using copious amounts of exclamation points!! It's part of my writing style!! I did'nt realize you were cursed with such sensitivity!!
    Here you go Inzl...What you thought to be "vulgar" just because you have no clue of what I spoke of, is this...
    "Soul Rape", and I meant what I said. Indeed it is vulgar, but it is the perpetrators of it that shoould pay, not the ones who expose that which is evil. So here, read it, maybe it will help you go after me for speaking TRUTH to powers.
    You would do well to just shut your mouth, Inzl Kett. How old are you anyways, twelve? Yeah, I'm trolling right now. You should know what it is, since you do it perpetually every second you are on here. Go to church and recant your nonsense.
    Instead of drilling more holes in the ocean, we could just start using gas 100 times more efficiently. Wouldn't help BP much, though. Watch the movie "gashole" to see why car manufacturing companies are working with gas companies to keep their fuel efficiency down as much as they can get away with.
    No, I was kidding you about something religious.
    But as for your username?
    I was only trying to be funny about vowels - if that is what made you think it was about that!
    I love humor - but sometimes it is far from me

    Anyway didn't you ask Knight to change your nick to Wapti (sp?)? Or something like that? Did I imagine that or something? It was a long time ago. I would never try to interfere with your name, Inzl!

    :think: Oh and did my picking on TH's avatar make you think I go after images?? :doh:

    If the laws don't apply then why can't you get past that one and let it go?And last month isn't "ancient". I don't always have time to read everything as it's posted.
    Good day mam,

    First off rest assured that my posting in the 'Exclusively Christian Forum' is just carelessness on my part, however I feel the topic is one everybody can add to . .

    As for my adding nothing constructive, I will only point out that neither has Nick M ever contributed something constructive . . . and if I'm being honest I don't dislike the bloke entirely.

    Further you would probably find I'm not as far from your belief system as you would think so at least we have some mutual ground in which to be cordial I hope?

    Have a good day.

    You will find I am agreeable person and in the future a simple nudge in my direction saying I have erred will do, instead of taking it to the mods.
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