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  • Sherman, I created a thread last night and Untellectual totally derailed it
    with way off the topic comments. Could you talk to him about that? He
    destroyed it.
    I think I have a solid strategy in place for dealing with trolls, who shouldn't really be in charge of the thread anyway. For a while my idea was to close Quizote's for a day when I posted the Gazette then open it after people who mostly go there to read it have a chance to do so. I think that remains a good idea, but it needs to be understood by anyone who looks in. So instead of, closed for an indefinite time I'm thinking of posting around noon on any given day with a notice that the thread will reopen in two hours. Anyone who doesn't read it in that narrow window can just search for it. But it gives the three and a half to four thousand eyes a chance to easily access and the trolls who want to whine about it the remaining twenty-two to practice character assassination. :eek:
    Doesn't bother me so much as give me an interesting idea, but I always thought putting up a thread with the same title as an existing thread was verboten around here. If not I'd appreciate the heads up...because I can have all sorts of fun with that. :eek:
    Wow...yesterday I was out in shorts trimming bushes on the acreage. I'd be doing it again today but it rained and I hate shaking that down on my head. :D that's how it should be. Enjoy.
    I love this time of year...nothing like it. Just put the finishing touches on a photobook for both sets of grandparents. Twenty one pages of Jack. :D I feel like that dad up in the middle of the night trying to read Swedish instructions for a piece of kid's furniture.

    Whew...Merry Christmas, Sherman. :)
    FaceBook...I could have sworn I've seen your jets there. :think: If not someone is doing a good impression of it.
    Just came by to archive a few things. Saw the predictable nonsense by the trolls in Quixote's...I should probably lock it just to rile them, but it's more telling not to. :eek:

    I don't know why anyone thought I was having a huff. It was just a cost/benefit and losing Observations made a harder choice about how to spend increasingly limited time a bit easier. Hope you're doing well and I do see you in the other place, no? And Sherman and ebenz and a couple of others, so there's that. :D
    The thought literally never crossed my mind. God bless and keep you. The place will be fine without my trouble making and you're doing great on your end. :thumb: :cheers:
    Just making a quick round of a few friends to say goodbye. I saw Observations had been pruned without my being given a word to archive. Too much work and too many old friends and threads and posts went with I'm thinking that's about as plain a bit of writing on a wall as can be. Anyway, I appreciate your efforts in and out of power and I wanted to say it's been swell and my very best to you. :cheers: :D
    Dear Sherman,

    I don't believe it, but after encouragement by some of my fellow posters on this Theology Website (the best one on the Internet), I have decided to give it another try and stay. Will see how it goes. God's Best Of Blessings Upon Your Heart!!
    Dear Sherman,

    Dude, you really rock!! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. I love it intensely!! Also that banned post on my thread that was blasphemous. You're the most! God Be With You Always!!
    Hey, it may be silly, but I've hit Psalmist a few times today and I'm encouraging everyone I like to do the same. He's having a hard time and I think it would be great for him to see a wall filled with encouragement when he opens his CP page. Anyway, that's what I'm aiming for. :cheers:
    Dear Sherman,

    Thanks for being there!! I think it may be Post #56. He's got it so screwed up that I don't know what to make of it. He has pulled this post out before, but I never reported it.

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