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  • Hi noguru,...what form of theistic-evolution do you hold to these days? any particular nuance or school? - I haven't been on MC's 'evolution vs. creation' thread in a long time, just chiming in :)
    Thanks, nog. It's hit and miss. I was far less patient with Stripe, so it varies. A work in progress. :chuckle:
    you got reported by 6days - he said "racist comment" - because you said wacked out asian lady" - IMO, that is not racist -
    Unfortunately I like popular ones like "hotel California". I think that is one of the most talented music they composed. I love guitar sound a lot. There are so many super talented guitarists.
    I mean to communicate that I am only serving you. I do not communicate with you for my own good.
    I hope my last response was more clear. We all always need to change. But first I am flexible (at least I want to be) to your needs.
    Hey, I notice you and Res having a genuine conversation. I think keeping him on irregular ignore might be helping a bit. I'm not about to take him off now, though. Bet that the first time I'd acknowledge him, he'd fall right back into the pit.
    A popular proverb with me is that
    two friends, like two rocks, eventually jostle each other smooth.

    God created thousands of miles of beaches to remind us of this.

    Eventually we will disagree even less.

    Homeless people are usually much smarter than wealthy idiots.
    They also often have higher integrity, even when they have very little integrity per se.

    A truly wise man is found once in a thousand according to
    the wise man Solomon.
    A wise woman? we may interpolate - rarer.
    But nothing is impossible for God.

    That is my personal experience.
    The honesty and integrity, and wisdom of poor people
    is much higher than with rich people,
    provided we test them within reasonable limits.

    Rich people on the other hand, are most always total pricks,
    and morally bankrupt and compulsive addicts of every gross error.

    Jesus agrees.
    Well, likes and dislikes in music, genre's, artists and performers is probably about as subjective as it gets. But I liked Cat Stevens' songs a lot, and it p!ssed me off no end when he gave it all up. He made a big public spectacle about it when he sold off his instruments. What was the man thinking?
    Hi nog

    Yea, being reclusive has its disadvantages. We always have work to do to better ourselves, that's a definite.
    Hey Noguru,

    How're you doing?? You got the weekend off? Do you like Rick, Rich, or Richard? Anyway, my safety flag tells me to just say I'm YEC, but it doesn't make tons of sense compared to being OEC. Anyway, I'm sort of wondering if God did not make man, woman and the earth, and everything all Old. He made Adam a man instead of a baby. It wouldn't surprise me if He did make an old Earth to throw us all off. He probably wouldn't like us thinking like OECs. I don't know. I'm going to play it safe and be YEC. If it is OEC, than we shall find out from Him surely when He returns. At least that instead of, "Go, I never knew you!" I am just going to go with that He may have made sub-humans before Adam, and those with different characteristics from each other, but as far as being a man, He made Adam, Our Adam. And then Eve. I really have trouble believing that right now. I will see how well it fits as time passes.
    The other half of my PM is on it's way.
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