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  • Thanks for more negrep and name calling noguru - You are really beginning to show Christ in all you do....not. I really hope calling me names helped cheer you up so that you got some good out of it.

    norguru, I find you last comment on my post quite entertaining, would you be kind enough to elaborate (I usually don't honor single word arguments, but I will make your case an exception)?
    And I treasure that light in you as well bodhigirlsmile.

    May the four winds blow you safely home.
    Trupp, again you neg repped me first. Over something you previously claimed was allowed (you know humor). I guess you have no sense of humor.

    When you have decided to be a courageous person and actually support your claims with a reasoned explanation, and stop being a hypocrit, I will have no problem discussing matters with you.

    Until then, Trupp please stop posting in my visitor message. I have had enough of your sleekit ways.
    Whee, noguru thanks for the new negrep and this time I get two names thrown at me.

    Thanks muchly. I can feel the love of Christ coming through in everything you post - well apart from all the name calling etc. obviously.

    Hope calling me names made you feel better.

    Don't play the victim with me Trupp. You neg repped me first and claimed I was using ad hom. I don't agree, so please be a courageous human being and explain how I was wrong.
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