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  • It is a shame that you consider me a hypocrite. I have yet to see any Christian like behavior from any ofyour postings. You are one of the examples I was referring to and all I can do is pray that you will either repent and truly become a Christian or if you are a Christian you will beg God for forgiveness for your continuing rudeness and poor behavior.
    The pro-evos on here have no humility, and you defend them. Feather of the flock., you were not even in the conversation. I have a right to defend my standing without the likes of you taking cheap shots and serving me with neg reps. You are the one that needs to wake up and snap out of your anti-philosophical, Pentateuch rejecting, empty theological redundancy.
    I came to you as a Christian and made peace, and you go on to be, well, I can't even say because I'll be banned. Way to show just how much of a bigot you are. Guess you gotta go back on my ignore list. Oh well :sigh:
    You neg rep me with this comment:That's for being a pompous fool and ignoring the actual content of my posts in favor of what you think they say.because you haven't any idea what a Sacrament is in the Catholic Church and I called you on it? :D

    Gee, if I'd known you were such a sensitive soul I'd have at least put a happy face in the post when I pointed out how ignorant you are.

    Sorry about that.
    you are probably drawn to me because you are broken and need fixing.
    You need the Lord and you need therapy or counseling or something.
    You do not need someone patting you on the head saying you are ok when you are not. I'm sorry if that is all you can get here.

    Now you do not have to ignore me
    I can ignore with no problem - I was looking out for you when I gave you the message.
    You sent me a pm, you gave me a neg rep, then a pos rep - do you see? These do not mean anything. If you are a kook then you will have to drive from where you are and come up here. And if you do
    that you end up dead, wounded and or in jail. How pathetic is that?
    So be a man(?) and ignore me while you have a future with possible
    happiness around corners. Life is hard enough.
    I predict that you will soon be banned, just as Stuu and gamera have been. As a courtesy, I advise you to watch it.

    Since you present no rational arguments, you resort to ad hominem and disparagement. I realize you don't like it when I ignore you, but you earned it. So, please stop writing trash graffiti like this on my wall:
    "You are clueless."

    "You are still clueless."

    "You've got nothing. Your mind is in the gutter, not in the open air."
    Who do you think you are?

    noguru, As I have repeatedly made clear to you - I have not lied in any of my posts. I know you feel better telling yourself that I'm a lying fool but that don't make it so.

    As for compensating for are the one who is going around consistently attacking people rather than debating. I suggest you get your own house in order before trying to deal with your neighbours.

    If you wish me to stop posting here that is fine - simply stop making assertions that require a response, simple if you try.

    Trupp you keep telling yourself that. Like I said before you are probably lying to yourself as well.

    Now please stop posting your inane dribble in my visitors messages. I know you need to compensate for your shortcomings, but please stop doing it here.
    I don't have a house of cards noguru, that's the trouble you are having. I'm standing on solid foundations while you are the one teetering on a house of cards.

    I understand perfectly what you say in your posts as well as what you are trying to obfuscate.

    Trupp its not that you see through, I want you to see through. It is that you refuse to understand. Because understanding would destroy your house of cards.
    I knowit must be frustrating that I see through your smoke and mirrors so consistently but don't worry, you haven't dragged me down to your level, regardless of your experience.

    Trupp it is not that I agree. It is just that discussing things with you has turned out to be frustrating waste of time.

    "Never argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience."
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