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  • Having fun are we?

    Yes hedshaker :) - read on.....more classic commentary follow. We may change gears to discuss if the name 'Allah' refers to the same 'God' as 'Jehovah' or 'Elohim',...should be loads of fun :surf:
    Hedshaker, one of the moderators told me those were orange boxes and they are worth points. I used to think they were neg reps but I guess they are valuable!!
    I thought that my pos reps to you will get you a star!! See what happens!! The very best to you, Hedshaker!!
    Awesome,...I find myself using soothing new-age meditation music in the background of my meditations/writings, etc.....you know,....to expand consciousness. I do verge on agnostic/skeptical grounds at times, but do enjoy an occasional dip into the deeper waters of Source ;) - I think music is kind of a track back to our primordial home, which resonates in our own soul, whatever we call that harmonic source. I'm enjoying studies in Theosophy, getting the universal principles down, which are the laws of nature anyways. See you around :surf:
    Hi hedshaker,...I just saw what you got 'banned' for,....ridiculous, was just a shot at humor, but I can see how it could be taken as a bit 'sacreligious'. Also note this particular moderator's penchant for doing such 'bannings',...of which I've been banned twice for 'intentional blasphemy' over minor comments about 'Christianity' in general (u have to be careful about saying it has 'pagan' parallels or is a 'cult' in any way). - anyways,...I try to have an edge of 'skepticism' on some points but am a spiritualist at heart. I do enjoy Robert M. Price, his humor and agnostic approach :)
    Yes! I understand your path of skepticism,...and don't deny a healthy one...in any arena of study. But you know my 'inner mystic' loves to revel a bit :) so,...on that more adventurous side,...my inner spiritualist likes to dive into those unknown potentials of soul, and possibilities of spirit. I have my moments of taking a more skeptical/mythicist approach to things, but like to go totally 'cosmic' at other times. Be well!
    lol. Hi hed,.....you know me to a degree,.....but I philosophically hold to my positions so far :) - in the realm of consciousness,....lines can be blurred as to what is 'real' or 'unreal', ...as you know. I just advocate using all fields of knowledge and therapy,...hence my bringing up 'spirit-release' therapy...to be used in the endeavor of healing....as a learning process. That's all.
    wow, good stuff to know! - I love much of the early 80's synth pop/new wave stuff....familiar with Vince Clarke of Yazoo/Erasure? lovely keyboard work. Kraftwek? :) I hear ya,...but may be cool to blend some of the old synth stuff with new tech touch ups,...I trust you'll ride the crest :surf:
    Yes, and I'll always usual bring about a more theosophical/universal/spiritualist 'mix' to the batch. As consciousness itself, I can look over every point of view, all facets,...and choose which ones resonate most with me, at any moment in time. Its all fluxual,...but "I" as the awareness...remains.
    Loving your dialogue (or merry go round) with Cruciform :) - on the 'motive of evolution' thread,....thinking to chime in soon :thumb:
    I usually leave a link in a "here" (should be blue underlined showing its a live link?)
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