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  • I had a super high blood sugar event today which made me real sleepy so I laid down on the bed and slept for way too long. It's taken me til now to start getting sleepy again. Phoenix is a beautiful town, I hear. There are many thing about the west that I love but not enough to want to live there again. I'm an easterner at heart. I wish you a lovely day as well, Michael, and thank you for the joy of your friendship! You always seem to pop up when I most need edification. :)

    I'll check it out. I don't know how to give reps more than once, because it tells me it's too soon to give another rep. and it won't let me do another for days.
    Wanted to tell you that this last rep I gave you... I was going to say more, but accidentally hit the enter button! But, the most important thing was said, I think: God bless you, Michael.
    Thank you, Michael! :) I hope you had a good Resurrection Day celebration and I pray for you the same good gifts from God.
    Dearest IMJerusha,
    You are a very special person. Always upbeat! I hope God fills your life with joy, laughter, and tons of love!!
    Thank you so very much, elohiym! That's very thoughtful of you, I believe! May God Increase Your Countenance Indeed!
    I don't have any issues with either. God loves me and so does Jesus. Now if they can, why can't you? Are you without sin? Sure! Then cast the first stone!
    No, IMJerusha, you are doing fine!! Your response was just fine and proper. I love you and what's most important is that God and Jesus love you!! You're in good company!!
    You are welcome to be a zealot around me, Brother Michael. I'm sorry if my response seemed curt. Forgive me. I'm just tired of HaSatan confusing me with Job.
    Michael, thank you for your kind words. I pray you are doing better than in days past. God bless and keep you strong and firm in your resolve.
    Mark, I'm making some soon. I had made Beef Stroganoff with Sherry wine, and we have to finish that up before I make Chili. I can't wait. I cook my Chili with ground cumin to taste. It's a lot like Hormel, which I love. Of course, cayenne pepper and chili powder too.

    Hi bybee!!
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