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  • Hi Michael, I love your positive and loving attitude. We need more of it on TOL! My chili was even better today!
    Michael, I hope you have a blessed and joyful New Year filled more and more with His life His light His love!
    Well, that's so nice to know, GM. I wish that you have an excellent Birthday this year. What a wonderful day to be born on. You are five years older than me. Next Oct., I will hit the big 60. I just got back from Church {Evening service}. May God Shower You With Blessings!!

    Thanks for the nice compliment. It is very important that the integrity of Scripture is always defended. Not because of creation necessarily, but because, if creation is not true, then what else is false? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Is Hell real? You see what I mean.
    Creation is only the battleground. The real issue is upholding Christ and His Word.
    I hope you have a very blessed and meaningful Christmas!
    I am well indeed! This is going to be the the first time in my history that I weighed less after Christmas than before Thanksgiving!
    Thank you so very much Knight!! I think very highly of you and feel honored that you would personally get in touch with me. Knight, I found a bunch of messages from you on Google just recently. My correct email address is:

    I will find out ASAP how to work my Google from my computer guy. He is really busy, but I'm sure it won't be long. Again, thank you. My main objective was to give you all a $500 gift, but I figured, might as well become a Lifetime Member too!!
    God Bless Your Heart, Soul and Life For Great Joy And For All That You've Accomplished For Him (this website is a Godsend)!!
    Hi Michael, sorry I didn't answer you last night. I went to bed! I purchased the film for my granddaughter because she loved it so much. I loved it because it was at a place that most college kids get turned off of belief in God by just such atheistic professors.
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