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  • Thank you, Michael. I'm still a moderator. When I upgraded my membership to lifetime subscriber, it changed my name color.
    Hi Michael, thank you for your always kind words! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving also.
    Hey Michael, I've been having trouble getting your thread to load. It's been that way for several days--sometimes I can get in, but other times not. Any idea why? I noticed the the Ask Knight thread got too big and he had to start a new one, because it was having trouble loading, or something like that.
    He has already, but I'll take more blessings! :)
    This morning I'm sitting in my living room in front of a roaring fireplace with over a foot of snow outside. And my workplace is closed for the day. Life is good!
    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the reps. I've really enjoyed your thread, and I think you're having a positive influence on me to be kind to others even when we disagree. What a good example! I appreciate you, Brother.
    Thanks for the pos reps Michael. I appear to have gained another red square today. But others have contributed some reps for this post

    :crackup: :crackup:
    I can certainly “approve” you as a friend. I need to let you know that I am “once bitten, twice shy” and don’t really see the benefit of trying to get close to others.

    I have reached a phase of my life where I am no longer socially retarded, and love to get together with strangers. My understanding of Jesus helps me a lot in this area.

    But I don’t really like getting “close” to people on TOL. I love them and have managed to keep loving them even when they bully or criticize me or fling some immature cruel taunts.

    But I am not interested in being “soul mates” with anyone here. My wife is enough for me.
    Hi MC,...yeah....just remember its every Sept/Oct....and people can just renew their subscription then to be counted towards it.
    Hey Patrick jane,

    Hi Buddy!! You finally have Visitor Messages capabilities!! Still no Private Messages yet, but maybe soon! I gave you some more good rep today, I believe. You should be doing well. You've got more rep than I do. And I've been here for over two years. I've got a star though!! Finally!!! Well, I will chat with you again soon. See you at TOL!!
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