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  • Knight, I remember doing it, but it seems like it hasn't worked 'cause I'm blue type now. I also had to delete all of my PMs last night because they got too full. If you would tell me again, I will do what I can. Maybe everything is okay now. I have to read my other PM.

    Thanks Knight!!!
    Well, I didn't know that, but I'm really thankful for the recipe. We'll probably have it twice/mo. I wonder what it would taste like with red wine vinegar, or even maybe red Marsala or Sherry wine, instead of 1/2 the vinegar. I guess I shouldn't try though. No use messing around with perfection. Print it out and give it to all whom you know. You'll get a lot of feedback. Just copy it on your printer. Very delectable!!
    Thanks Very Much, Mark!
    Dear Mark, Of course, I'm on. The TV is behind me in my bedroom, so I just watched Macy's fireworks and next is Phoenix's fireworks. I miss it when you don't post at my thread. We are 3 hours differrent. You are ahead of me by 3 hours. Same with Michigan and Florida. Hey dude, Sat. or Mon. Keep your eyes out for it.

    Thanks so much for the PM!!

    Are you still On? Or are you Still watching Fire Works? We're about a 4 Hour Differential Right, I'm ahead of you 4 Hours???

    I think that's Right.

    Dear freelight, The revised version is in the process of being published. It will be a month or so before it will be available to me and you. When I get it, I will see what I can do about replacing the book I now have at my website with the latest edition. Thanks for asking, pj!!
    Hi you mentioned about your book from the library. Did you finish your new 'revision' of the book, and will that newly revised version be available to read from your website? - just curious what format-version you will use, in the upgrade, if any.
    Dear 6days,
    I don't understand what you mean, but I'm sure I will probably down the road here. God Spend His Time Loving You Also!!
    I may create a blog page referencing subjects in the UB thread so readers can use it as a portal-index to look things up.....it's like a rolodex. This is helpful especially for long voluminous threads where there are so many pages....that some may not have the time to search thru all the pages to find info. On a particular subject. Bless you :)
    Dear IMJerusha,

    Thanks so much. Yes, I got the plants instead 'cause I didn't want the flowers to die and get thrown away. These are perennials, too, so they will come up year after year. I got her four different kinds of flowers. One was a beautiful Orchid Plant, one was a Tea Rose, and the other two are indigenous to AZ, but I can't remember what they are called.

    The Lord God and Jesus Be With You Always,
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