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  • hi mike,....when you post a visitor message to me in the proper way, it will go to my profile page NOT your own! - clicking the 'View Conversation' opens a new window with just our 'Conversation',....and when you respond on that page, the message will go directly to my Visitor Messages on my Profile page, like it should :) Sometimes people try to respond to someone on their visitor page and they forget to hit 'view coversation', and their message only goes to their own profile page. This is not good since the person ur responding to will NOT get your message. - ur message will only be posted on your own page, and the person will not know about it unless they go directly to your profile page. Follow? its just safer when coversing with a person via visitor messages to do it in 'View Conversation' mode, that way your message gets to their profile page, and not your own.
    I just go to the person's profile under 'Visitor Messages' then click 'View Conversation' to make sure my post gets posted to your profile page.
    Thanks Michael,.....lol.....the eyebrows do come back :) It just looks weird without having them since they are so much a part of your facial features, so looks odd. Glad to you hear your cancer is in remission and/or is totally healed. May all go well!
    Good afternoon brother! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! :D
    No problem Mike, I will post on your new thread and I'm happy that you feel no pressure anymore. I'm happy that you're happy and don't try to reply to every post because that's unreasonable. God Bless you and your new thread
    Hi Michael, When I first visited the USA many years ago (30+) it was San Francisco and I used to smoke like a chimney, flew in Pan American which dates it. At the hotel there was a guy apparently selling cigarettes from one of those trays you see worn by usherettes in cinemas, I thought it was strange but perhaps normal for America? :think:
    It turned out they were promoting a new brand of cigarette and were giving them away free. Not just one cigarette but a whole pack. When he found out I was from London he told me that he had been there and enjoyed it and wanted to go back, we had a nice chat and I ended up getting four free packs. I thought what a wonderful country America was. :)
    Periodontal disease, eh? Oh, Brother, I don't envy you that as it can be very painful. I'm so glad it isn't tearing you up. You know, my field of study in college was dentistry and oral surgery. I have to agree with you that dentistry has come a long way. I'm amazed at the improvements since my college days. Enjoy those omelets and I send my love in Yeshua right back atcha! :)
    to see reps click on settings at the yop right and scroll down to see thanks and reps posts. Good day sir
    You're so nice Michael, I'm glad you're feeling better. Don't close your thread and keep your nose to the grindstone. Have a blessed weekend, Jesus has answered so many prayers for me !!! He will for you too !!!
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