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  • Thanks so much. :e4e:
    I believe that recriminalization is impossible at this point, and look to a lessening of gay power in terms of social change. Of course aCW tells me I am pro-gay and a con - which is absurd so that makes things even more murky.
    thnx again :)
    She obviously has a deep seated hatred of Judeo-Christian doctrine, hence me wondering if there was more to the story.
    A blessed and joyous year to you and yours, may He fill you all with light, love and life
    Thanks for the reps. As you know, righteousness inherently includes conduct with character. It's their refusal to acknowledge Greek, and they just proceed according to their own concept. That's actually sin, since it's a self-determined standard of conduct. LOL.
    Stux looks to invent reasons to be disagreeable with me. Has since his shift from Christian to "other" by designation. I think I stepped on the toes of his guru...something like that. It's about as off as his "Jack's thread should be a blog" nonsense. He's ill.
    And dear friend you can't read what I put on Town's thread but my one post was not anything but a glance and move on type post. Light, silly and nice. Not to be compared to what you went through.
    You may. And no forgiveness necessary. I just happen to care for you both, is all
    Will you give me permission to post this on my thread?
    Maybe it will start a discussion?
    You said:
    Well, I'm sad that my own for triune posters only thread is always hijacked by arians and unitarians ..."

    Your thread was the first example that came to my mind when he kept saying exclusion was practiced here all of the time.

    I have been very frustrated by the forum's lack of protection or inability to protect your thread.

    I was going to tell Town you had to swing at endless hostile posts coming at you like the balls whizzing from a tennis-ball pitching machine set on super max.
    All thrown by posters especially requested to NOT post on that thread.

    Yes, you have sympathy for Town's position - but Town was oblivious to how some have suffered because of the lack of it.

    I should have said about your thread, I admit it.
    It was right in front of my mind.
    Maybe it would have led to some talk of reform?
    Maybe it will yet?
    Forgive me?
    Re: your rep comment.. :think:.. Boogie shoes? I don't think I've ever heard of those. Are they sold in your neck of the woods? :chuckle:
    Thanks for your several recent reps. I appreciate all your contributions on TOL. The Atheists, Dispos, and other kooks keep it all interesting, if frustrating. LOL.
    Jesu' Joy done to trumpet is very evocative (IMO, at least). There are a few combos on YT (Organ and Trumpet...Strings and Trumpet...). I've always been partial to the piano, but the emphasis on trumpet is something again...

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    I'm almost impressed he finds the steam to keep that going. It's the most juvenile thing I've seen in my entire life, preschool included, but by this point he's harmless. After he kept showing up everywhere and posting to me I figured, why not, just give him what he doesn't expect. Hit him with how you actually feel about it, which is to say a mild amusement. And so long as he keeps it out of the gutter, which was why I put him on ignore the last time, I'll answer...well, when it's interesting or goes to a point. But how often could that be, really?
    So I hear. But I can't even control my self declared minions, so it's a good thing I don't have any more on my plate. :)
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