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  • I need to get you onto several healing prayer lists I know of with good prayer warriors. I am very grateful to God for the relief He has provided you so far. My sister just moved from Southern Florida to Alabama. The hurricanes just took too much out of her so Louisiana might be your best bet.
    My doctor and I are holding my diabetes at bay and eye exam just today chalked my recent issues up to sinus pressure which is good news considering the alternative. Meds are keeping my heart under control so hey, I'm blessed!

    I would be pleased to give your regards to the ladies in the women's forum! I shall do it with a flourish! :D
    I'm so glad to hear that you had quality time with your great grandchildren. What a blessing that must have been! Was your exploratory revealing in any positive light? Such a while went by that I did not hear from you or see you here so I began to get very worried. (I do that well...one of my many failings in Yeshua)
    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and had a good holiday. :) Turner Classic Movies is offered by most providers...not sure how it stands the way you're getting it.
    I watch TCM because it has the old movies, Grant, Stewart, Wayne, Bogart, Cooper and no commercials. Also, Dish has a feature that allows it to skip through commercials on the network channels, provided you wait a day. :)
    Still thinking of you. You should see Jack. He literally dances in place now and then when he thinks about Christmas. :)
    I know, Kat. I have you on my prayer calendar. I will keep you in my prayers all day tomorrow.
    I'm still hurting pretty good but getting there by fervent desire and prayers of many good people. Thank you for asking.!
    Not leaving, Kat, at least not TOL or the Women's Forum. I just unsubscribed from the thread.

    Thanks for the rep, Sister!
    Did you catch the well wishes then? :) On the testing...your guess is as good as mine. Likely better.
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