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  • Catty? Must have been behind closed doors. I remember her saying Knight was moving in a different direction and thinking it was the worst move he'd made since I arrived. I remember her being publicly gracious then just fading out. :idunno:

    Then Knight stopped the week of being well behaved. And now the awards are just some handful of Soots people deciding, which I think takes the interest away. Nothing against Stripe or anyone involved, but he should just have ended that too when it stopped coming from the top. Those of us on the outside mostly consider it one more bone thrown to the inner circle, which it mostly was even when Knight was hands on, but now?

    And that's the main problem. Everything that even sniffs of being a perk is gobbled up first and foremost by a handful of individuals. Thats' too bad. I think it will hurt the place in the long run and I like it here.

    You and I will probably be here til the cows forget the way home. :eek:
    Outside of a certain amount for service rendered I think all it does is blur the thing. If you can give out more rep than the next guy then the rep number really misleads. You look at it and don't know if it's a larger sense or just some cadre in a circle. LH's rep was a sterling example of that.

    I know from personal experience (and I know this is tired and old) that you can hit the ceiling without special favors or rep guilds. The first time I moved my rep any other way was this time and that mostly to keep a few hustling and raise boats.

    Now the rep amount is tweaked so the top can't be approached for ages. Well...okay. :eek:

    I never posted here caring about the number except as a curiosity, a way to see a few things about people and that's essentially how it remains with me. I was sorry to see how the reset affected some people, but overall it was mostly a hoot.
    I've always thought it should be simple: give a certain amount for time and then let one rep be one point, up or down, no matter who gives it. Keep the spacing the same to stop petty behavior and don't weight rep. Let it stand for long contribution and/or a weight of people who like what you write.

    It would take forever for anyone to hit that ceiling and you could actually get a sense of how the community felt about a soul by looking at rep...since how long we've been around and how many posts we've made (pruning aside) show up.
    You know, you'd think some people with the system in their hip pocket wouldn't hold that obvious a grudge, but that's life for you. Some people get caught with a cookie jar and they grin. Some try to hit you with it and some pretend it isn't there...but don't ask for a cookie. :eek:

    You, on the other hand, are a demonstrably good egg. :cheers: Just be careful they don't try to break you to make cookies.
    Looks like things have changed then. Good, but I thought it would once the margin was established. Now it will take a few of us who tend to get a good bit of rep a great deal of time to make up that difference, depending on the resolve of the leader board. :chuckle:
    Re: Eeset's idea...is angled to get Sod back around in short order. She's been trying to make do with chrys but he's a bit too mild for her game, I think.

    [Eeset seems to have little else in her life :sigh: Kat]
    Why would he? It's his site. That's the alpha dog signature built in. :) And I don't think it matters to him, but it's a bone to a segment of a segment that have been increasingly irritated and, honestly, it's a segment closer to his way of thinking so why not?

    I think the icing on that illustration had to be FS, with at that time no posts since the reset and much less of any other marker translating into rep being nearly double mine even with all the activity I'd seen while posting. :chuckle: So I doubt I'll ever see more than the distant tail lights of any of the active soots members from here on out, which won't alter anything important anyway.

    Seriously, not a problem and I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad about it. Love Knight to death. If he wants to put SOOTs members at max to begin with it's his deal and okay by me...I just didn't care for the "now rep will mean something" comment right before he made it mean zip again, so I thought, "No, that's not right and I'm going to try to find a gentle way to say so." Because it's the principle, not the thing. I couldn't tell you the last time I noticed the rep number before the reset.

    For me it's the personal notes. I don't particularly like it when someone gives me a pos rep without saying anything. It's missing the point for me. :)
    Hey, you should do one of the interviews. It's not long or complicated and your name should already have been among those chiseled into the archives. I've set it up so all anyone has to do is type a few bits here and there and I think it's a good thing for the site...let me know if you're at all interested and I'll shoot one to you that you can toy with and return to me whenever you feel like it. :)
    I don't get GT. Tried having a conversation and in short order he kept doing his best to assume the role of teacher/authority. At the end he'd just make a daft claim and when that didn't work went into repeating a list of "obeys". No idea what's going on with that one.
    Really? I'll bet I clicked the wrong rep box. I read the post again, and thought, "I neg rep'd Ttoyou, that doesn't make sense." -- Anyway the fault lies with me, it shouldn't have happened. Please graciously except my humble apology. I'll make it up some how ~ Psalmist
    I haven't started many in a while. I used to start more, change my profile page layout a lot, but there was a more interesting crowd to entertain then. Too many trolls, drive by posters these days. It's hard to get any conversation that isn't an invitation to name calling going. Ah, well.
    Ktoyou, Arsenios left the following message for you on my profile page:

    God Bless You Ktoyou... May you be well soon... Arsenios
    Thank you for your rep. :) About your comment, I most assuredly agree!

    God Bless you.
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