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  • Oh, yes, I'm taking my Masters now, in early childhood education. I had so much fun teaching Jack (sent him to preschool reading and he's blown through the Fry 100s with ease) that I decided to make it my last act profession. I can't stand the thought of retiring absent necessity, so this is a thing I can do and love, like a paid vacation, nearly.
    Didn't know you had any law. Good on you. Interesting stuff. As for the newbies, too many of the voices around here are just crashing cymbals. I post in bursts, may have the window on another tab but don't spend anywhere near the time I once did. I understand about the rules. One of the hot heats told me to "Blow it, buddy" and nothing happened after he tap danced around the usage. Sod saw it and immediately ran it up the flagpole with a caveat, then later without one. I sent a general note to the mods when it was first used about the inevitability of what followed, but that's life. It's not my standard, so if TOL wants theirs lowered, more power to them and hold on for what will come of that.

    I think that's what's happened to our larger culture. We let people get too close to the edge without comment and eventually it's the standard. Then the next person starts pushing the envelope. Eventually everything goes and nothing matters.
    I inadvertently left my last two to you on my own page...I'll correct/paste them in a moment.

    1) I took a varied concentration as an undergrad, among them English. Went to law school for my JD then practiced, became licensed in state and federal court, including the S. Ct. I practiced for a number of years, but put my license in abatement when Jack came along. I wrote a children's book that's far too long for a first, but I don't want to cull it much more, so I'll write a second with a better understanding of the market and use it to sell the first, eventually. :)
    I gave up wondering what makes someone that dedicated to another person, absent love. Whatever it is has more to do with him than it ever will with me...he's more exercise than irritant these days. Well, I'm nearing the mid point of my Masters work, holding down an A average and enjoying the process more than I can remember ever enjoying any part of my education prior. I always wondered what it would be like to love my work. Now I know. :) Hope you're well and enjoying the season. I haven't checked the calendar in a while...is it winter yet?
    The funniest thing about sod/doser, the guy who had to be banned from Jack's thread and Quixote's, is that beyond the hypocrisy, the two spastic warriors he named have almost camped in Quixote's from time to time and gone out of their way to talk to or about me. I only look for friends posts. The rest are simply and frequently just there, rattling drums. :)
    I did leave, however, it had nothing to do with you. I still value your support and friendship, Kat.
    Fair enough; but, as you know, if you have followed my brilliant, and yet still humble career on TOL, I'm not afraid of girls, and I've fought girls that are bigger than you, Kat!
    Just because we are now "friends," KtoMe, does not mean that I have to be nice to you!
    If the current set up drives your eyes crazy Chrome has an app that turns it all lovely called Night Mode. It's free in the Chrome store...I don't know if you use Chrome or not. There's probably something like it available in whatever browser you use. Anyway, it makes all the white black and I control the degree of dimming on the white typeset (the new TOL color writings look particularly pleasant)...The blue bits are a darker orange. Very nice...anyway, just in case. :D
    I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that your treatment is going well.

    Love In Christ
    I've slowed some myself. Still making adjustments for all of us under the same roof and getting repairs done.
    The big issues have been handled, but of course there are still tons of little things to get done.

    Have fun with them grandbabies!
    Finally said "When". Take care of you and God bless. One of these days we'll park on a cloud and laugh about half of this, I expect. :cheers:
    I'm here for ya, sister. You just take care of yourself, and stop back by when you can.
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