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  • It has made my evening to see you posting. May the warm weather refresh your mind. God's blessings to you dear lady. :)
    thank you! I think if a person would open up his or her mind and not always think they have answers, they might have questions? Some questions find answers.
    Just tried to pick a pie fight with you (post 142)...:D

    Then I popped Knight with one. :noid: So who knows how long I'm going to be able to wait for you. :chuckle:
    I am planning on doing that for as long as they last then it back to Dove chocolate
    I don’t know much about his situation, he does seem quite confused, but by what, I do not know
    Silentstinker? He's in pain, Ktoyou...that's all. I gave him a little to chew on in parting, again, after he broke faith with his own declaration and continued to speak for what I had or hadn't held...:sigh: Pain makes men mad.
    I do respect you and see that you know what you are talking about. We agree on many religious/spiritual things. You see, I am just a bit hostile to new people and I hardly remember fighting with you. So, write it up to my own peculiarity. I see now that you know a good deal about theology and we have the same idea of the nature of God. Now Delmar and I see things differently, but I know he is God’s child as you and I are God’s children. Robert Pate might be also a saved person, but again, he is new and I see him as a big headed know it all. I guess I am saying, take me with a grain of salt, for I can be an old crab and I admit it. I will add you to my friendship list, even though I am not sure how to use it
    I appreciate all your kind words lately, Ktoyou. :thumb:

    We got off on the wrong foot when I first got to TOL, but I'd like to fix that by offering the hand of friendship. :e4e:
    Some persons call their father pop, or papa and paw, mostly out west. In the South it is daddy and mama. Some people from other places have told me it sounds babyish, but that is the southern way. Whatever we call our father seems not to be all that important as it is to have a good father.
    About my dad. Dad was what we called him and that suited him. Our first son and daughter call me dad. Our second son calls me daddy. It's all good :thumb:
    IoverE seems a bit...testy and ill humored today.

    As for that point, I'm usually told it rests on my head. :D :wave2:
    Bob was very strong; he lost strength in his late fifties. He worked out with weights when he was in his 20s and 30s, but he stayed strong until he was over 50
    No-one is born that way (at least most aren't) it has taken me getting up at 4:30AM for the past couple of years, to be able to spend an hour in the Gym 5 days a week, just to get where I am now......also I doubt I will be quite this strong when I am in my sixties. ;)
    Bob Dylan wrote many a good song. My motto/slogan is a lyric from the song "Forever Young". He also wrote a song "You've gotta serve somebody". That was when he became a born again Christian for a little while.
    Giving the sum total of who I am, an addle-minded old retired forensic psychologist, I would have to be funny here on TOL. Funny but sweet!
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