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  • Hi Cam!

    Glad to hear from you. . . Have missed you. I quit Facebook, and am not too active here anymore but all is well with us & I hope the same for you. Guess you have learned about Patrick.
    Not defend you? And deny the Truth of Christ in you? No such possibility. J&R
    What wonderful news and answer to your needs . . we will pray many thanks to God for directing you to this place!
    Paul says that he is addressing the Gentiles Rmns 11:13 and he uses the words, they, them, their in which Paul is obviously speaking of Yisra El, but certainly not to Yisra El.
    Romans 12:1,2 explains the Holy metamorphosis. If you don't recognise it then your not experiencing it. The epistle heading is obvious and it was written to the Romans after Paul had turned from the Jews to the gentiles. Acts 13:46-52
    I sent a verse to a young man last week Romans 12:2 and when he texted to say he'd read it I asked him, as I ask you, does this verse accurately describe what is going on in your life at the moment?
    I remember a few occasions when my testings were so severe that I swore I would never advice a living soul to seek salvation...it was just to painful.
    He most certainly does, but not continually Cam otherwise there would be no peace unto the just! We are told to consider it pure joy when we face testings of many kinds. It took many years for that to become a reality in my life. James 1:2 and so on. He could, if He so pleased, take away all our self esteem in the blink of an eye, but choses to make it a prolonged process....enjoy!
    You have ruffled all the MAD feathers around here. Be careful. You are now a target for infractions!
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