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  • We agree. Although approach it from different theological perspectives

    Thanks K, I usually approach the Issue of Love on a purely ontological level, universally pervading :) - Love is expressed thru many mediums, but directly within heart & soul, that which recognizes the value of Life and its innate potential. This Love includes the whole of humanity, no matter one's denomination or 'dress-code' ;) - its cosmic!
    yes, he is a peace of work! I do not think he knows what he is talking about, good example of looking for answers with answers.
    He is a masochistic Grubbite ;)
    :chuckle: Unfortunately, I can't rep you again just yet...he's a very troubled and misogynistically challenged fellow, our beloved(Heinz)57.
    Blessing to you and yours Psalmist, I doing ok now even if it is raining too much
    I was out mowing my lawn here on my tractor, I like doing that. Sitting is far easier for me than standing; I like getting outside. Yesterday I went shopping with a cousin; we looked at some new bath accessories. The new towels made today have loops, these pull out the thread and that is a big nuisance. It is hard to find the older rapped towels; however, I had fun looking.

    I was tired last night and slept long, now I am a bit tired from too much sleeping. I hope all is well with you and my friends here
    :wave2: I hope this finds you having a very good day. It is a little warm here, but otherwise green and blue and not to be missed. :e4e:
    I had some problems that began a week age last Tuesday, I think? For some time, I have been having mini strokes, they are not debilitating like a major stroke, rather they mainly affect the memory. I few days after the last one, I could not make any sense out of the posts here. Now I think I am doing better.

    When I fist became ill, I would read about 8 hours a day, but now I cannot comprehend large amounts of material. I am quite addle-minded compared to before I became ill. It is not all that bad because I like silly thing now, such as old TV show reruns you buy the whole series; I would have been bored with that five years ago, but now it entertains me.

    I thought I would post this because, I cannot predict when and if I lose it and start posting gibberish. If I do, please tell me.
    Yes, I like meat, I’ll look for it because I cannot imagine too many hippie type lean skinniest here. Not exactly God’s type you know. Those vegetarians wimp’s interpretative Adam as created a vegetarian, now that is plan nuts. That is all I can tell you about it.

    I have had and had a little mini stroke, but this one, I had last Tuesday, or Wednesday as lift me a bit at a loss for comprehension
    Than you Mary, I too pray for those on TOL I know, even those who are wayward, and all of those I know is life.
    I am not to well and if I am not around for awhile, then I am sick. I hope I am better tomorrow, Tuesday I say my primary physician here and Bob called her, if I have to go back in the hospital, that is not so good because I feel better in the warm weather
    Hi gal, just realize that even if we don't agree on things once in a while, you are still loved and I appreciate you being a cool chick on this forum. I am also an ENTJ, at least I was the last time my college roomie tested me on it. Please take good care of yourself and let us know what is going on with you and the difficulties you are facing in your life at this time. I am in AL (Mobile, Montgomery), CA (Pomona, San Fran), SC (Conway, Charleston, Rock Hill), and GA (Snellville, Monroe, and Augusta) frequently on work and on family trips, and you and I seem share a certain commonality in our backgrounds. It is so nice to see a woman's perspective on this male dominated forum. I hope that you and I can one day sit down and get together and really talk.

    I’m ok, not all that well, however, I am happy about settling in here and now my husband is out at table rock AK, fishing and that makes me feel good to know he feels alight about going off and doing what he dream about when he retired. He loves fishing and I am happy he is able to have some of his enjoyment. We never knew I would be the one who became ill first. I cannot be here in the winter and in Georgia he does not know anyone and he is not all that socially outgoing. There is an early fishing season there, but he is happier here when he can drive down to the lake and be with his now retired brother. This weekend I am going into town with my cousin and we will eat at my daughter’s house and do some shopping around.

    I am worried a bit about my son, he did not send me my car and that is not like him unless he is not feeling well. The car I do not acre so much about because I do not drive anymore, but it is more comfortable than other cars.

    I have not been up to posting much today, but I go in cycles as to having the desire to communicate. Sometimes I am just not up to thinking about theology.

    I hope you are doing well and are felling happy about yourself; life can be good if you make it good. I take this illness well and I hope I will be around a few more years.
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