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  • I grew up north of Atlanta, went to college in Nashville and Knoxville, then worked a few years in California and then moved to Texas, I currently have a home in now close to where I was born, but the setting is very different and I have a home west of St. Louis,

    Family is from Georgia and South Carolina back to the colonial period

    Some Virginia ancestors also, going back on my mother's side
    I noticed your bio says your from Atlanta. Is that where you've lived long-term or is it more recently than that? (I ask as a 4th generation Atlantan myself..)
    thnak you very much, student x, I was at my daughter's house for a few hours and had a nice time :)

    One cannot have enough flowers!
    happy mother's day kat :D

    that is certainly sound advice, and i thank you for it. that is often so difficult, is it not? i know that i have not been a stranger to the battle of comparing myself to others. everytime i have done so, i have been severely unhappy. the times when i have felt good about myself and my journey in life, i have prospered and smiled and been greatly content. i am not afraid of hard work; i suppose that is one thing i have going for me. i have also found that when i forget myself - my problems, my concerns, my troubles - and go to work engaged in a worthy pursuit, i am far happier than when i focus on ME. thank you for you.
    I’m not sure, but if you run through his recent posts, I think you will find it. He seemed wanting to take you to task
    :wave2: K, where did you see Clete frowning at me? Was it an old post or something I've missed of late?
    I wish all of you who are spiritually mature would make a statement on my thread about what it is to be spiritually mature. This way we would have something that anyone could read as to what is the way to spiritual maturity. There are basic common ways to maturity. We have different ways of becoming spiritually mature. If we all stated how we have become spiritually mature, we would have a guide for others to follow.

    I am looking for dialogue, not argument; surely there are enough places to argue. We have come to this point in our ways all guided by the Grace of God acting though us, the Holy Spirit. Each of us has something of great value to say. We should have this dialogue, for our brothers and sisters. They need us and we should guide them by fully expressing our gifts from God without critiquing each other, there are plenty of places to engage in debate.
    Thank you TH, I am doing a bit better now that the weather is warm. I cleaned my kitchen floor, partly that is today. I think it is a shame that those working in the helping field are not committed to caring. I wish I did not need them because it bothers me that they are not willing to work hard for pay. People are becoming far too lazy and into themselves. Sad.
    :wave2: Too tired to be clever (I know, I know, what's my excuse the rest of the time? :shocked:) but I wanted to stop by and nod...remind you how happy I am to find you among us again. :e4e:
    Ktoyou wrote: I'm closer to you on some of this than most would guess, but by another logic

    :) Oh I can only imagine hun. I cant resist when I feel the need to offer a counter-balance on issues, especially those whay on the deep end or 'extreme' of things. The key is some Balance, and a lil dash of spiritual sanity never hurt. - peace
    We should all understand the mystery. God saves not just the Jew, but the Gentile as well and by the same measure. Faith in Jesus Christ.
    Thank you and Happy Easter to all my friends! I had a hardy morning visiting and now I am back in bed relaxing. I hope you all are doing what is best for you this Easter.
    About Bob, he does not say much online. He keeps his own counsel. I told him he could share his hunting adventures on web forums, but he wanted me to correct them and then, even though I did, he lost interest. Bob needs to see persons to warm up; he is a good man, but from a pre-internet generation.

    My illness is chronic, there is not much physicians can do about it and how much time I have is unknown by all but God.

    My oldest son has had far too many problems, mainly cholesterol, and kidney disease. We pray for him each day. We love his with all our heart and naturally, we do not want to see him sick at such a young age. Please keep praying for my son Tom and I have a lady who cooks for me, her son has had many social and legal problems, much like PK once described. He needs to have God turn his life around.

    Tom has always been a good person and well adjusted, his problems are physical, as mine are and little Graham, his are more emotional and mental. We all need to keep up the prayer for our loved ones and those who need help, which means all of us need God. Let’s keep on praying.
    Thank you. I do have to be a bit less long winded, thus less cogent. I will still try to bring a good laugh when I see an opening and sometime, I will try to take part in discourse.

    Thank for all the prayers!
    Gad bless y’all
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