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  • Fantastic to see you about. My son, Jack, turned five yesterday. He's beautiful like his mother, but he's smart, like his mother...:think:

    Hope your life continues happily. Don't be so long between nods. I was starting to think of your profile page as my blog. :eek:
    A new year...how'd that happen? Filled out an "about you" section on FB the other day. Under languages I typed Conversational English. :plain: It was one of those days.
    Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas, in case I forget and you forget to check in again. Jack continues to grow like a weed, is reading well, appears to have my trick memory and likes to begin any conversation with, "Are you familiar with..." :) Three is a really interesting age.
    :chuckle: You know you posted this on your own page again and I only saw it because I saw you post elsewhere and stopped by here to wave (whew), right? :eek:

    Good to see you, little sis. My best to the fella and I hope you touch base more often around here. Oh and in the future if you open here and click on "view conversation" in one of your posts, then write in the new window that comes up I'll see it on my profile page...technology.

    Sorry for not responding. I've been away from abject stupidity since my real life is full of that on a daily basis. Thanks for checking in on me, big brother.
    You're actually quite a doll and I appreciate the compliments. Persaphone got even more shitty, not sure you saw it. I disregarded her.

    Heck maybe we can be friends sometime. I'm friends with many atheists.

    You're just so kind and thank you.

    You suck. Just so you know your friend persephone66 ended up being made fun of for saying I look like a man with an Adam's apple in my profile picture. I changed the picture as you can see. I have never understood your kind of conceit where you plastered your picture as your avatar and I'm every bit as pretty, especially for my age as you. You, as I said, will be lucky to look like this at 53.

    I just needed you to know once again that atheism sucks, it makes people mean and unloving and makes tenderhearted people like me cry. Yes I cried, that's how insecure I am about my looks, unlike you. And your condescension it is sicking toward believers. I was an agnostic until the age of 49 myself, but you think you're too smart to believe such nonsense. Pain in life may teach you a lot more about needing a Santa Claus type person to make you a happier person and I do pray for you that that happens someday because agnosticism and atheism sucks but you just haven't had enough life's experiences yet to have your heart and eyes opened.

    You owe me an apology but being the hedonistic atheist, I doubt I'll hear from you at all.

    Just know that you are cruel and conceited and full of yourself and I became happier when I became humbler.

    Once again as an atheist you suck and I will always think that about you unless you surprise me with a love of a believer of Christ.

    I have to share a divine intervention that happened to me two weeks ago. My husband was at church and he had this sudden feeling he had to leave and he never leaves church early. When he got home my eyes were rolled back in my head and I was barely breathing. I spent 6 days in the hospital because I ODed. I know what you'll say, "Obviously life with Christ hasn't make her happier but I need to tell you that I was sober for 22 years without one relapse, I was an agnostic and didn't go to AA. I did it on sheer will power. It has taken me this last 4 years of relapse to hate myself to the point where I wanted to die one night two weeks ago after so much control for 22 years. And that control included facing phobias and a fear of flying. I never gave into anything.

    It has taken all of this to get me where I finally am in Christ. And it feels wonderful to finally feel this way.

    I'm spending way too much time wasting on you but You need to know how much of a terrible person you are.

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