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  • I was wondering, I looked at your posts and didn't see what they hit you with. One of the mods said you got nailed for name calling?
    Unsurprisingly, as a group these people will say anything, apparently. IMJ has literally made up a few positions for me in order to vilify them and's remarkable to watch. But I suppose if you can't control the facts you're left trying to dictate emotion.
    I have to follow the rules and I am trying very hard to be careful, more careful. I'm pleased to hear that you are using the "ignore" function. I like you Granite and whether you see it or not we are on the same page very often.
    It may become a problem. I've certainly had to bite my lip a time or two so I wouldn't get banned....
    Granite, darn it! Get a grip! You have a very good command of the English language. I wish you would use it!
    Yup! I'm going to give it my best shot! I know you will keep me on my toes. I promise to be fair.
    I'm still not sure why that was a discussion stopper, given you'd just declared a thing true on both counts. I met the first requesting proof. By the second I just answered in kind...maybe arguing religion is too close to home for you. :idunno:
    It was sort of a rhetorical question. I don't know why you walked away from the faith but I'm hoping you return to Yeshua. I really wouldn't give a plug nickel for any of the churches out there but Yeshua isn't responsible for their behavior, they are.
    No. I have no hard feelings toward you.
    I guess you would find my apology a bit amusing. Would you hazard a guess at what prompted my apology?
    Something I wanted to say to you. I haven't always posted as kindly toward you as I should. I want to apologize for that. That's the long and the short of it. :)
    Protestant or Catholic? Wait...I'm not looking for something to pick on. I just thought I remembered you telling me in a thread that you were raised Catholic.
    Well, I tried (ref Woodshed). Have you always been an atheist or were you raised in the church but just never accepted it?
    I'm going to have to show you how to do this someday.
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