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  • While you were gone, I converted to Scientology.

    But then I was convinced by forum posts to de-reconvert to whatever Nick M is.
    No worries granite :) - enjoy your stay....just try to not get banned so much....or do you care? - be well!
    Hey, I was recently banned for the first time in over 10 yrs on tol (just for a few days) the flying ban hammer....for blasphemy. Ridiculous. How many times have u been banned? one did that. It's about going overboard, not about actually...though in your case the Godwin's Law might have been the better play. I just assumed you'd get the context.
    It wasn't. You should read the answer. I was making fun of how you brought in the masculine subtext, the delicate and weak sister crap and suggesting you were a half step from doing the self tipping of the king, which is what happens when nearly anyone plays the Nazi card or invokes the Law. You missed that run running to a use that you simply have to know better than to suspect. And given you've done almost all of the personal shots between us I think your objection here is just bizarre. Read over out back and forth at some point. You might be surprised.
    Always fun to do that. I can recite most of the dialogue by now. It's right there with Ghostbusters for absurdly fun dialogue.
    Glad to hear the blizzard wasn't as bad as predicted. Hope you got a manageable amount of it. :cheers:
    Probably a good idea. I locked a couple of threads to limit his for Lee, I see him the way I see Jefferson, to some degree. They were conflicted, essentially honorable but terribly flawed men put into positions of great power with little restraint. I know less of Jefferson's declining years, but I'm heartened by Lee's progressive realizations. I think he's a bit of a microcosm/reflection of the South after the success of the Civil Rights Movement, socially.
    Gee, Granite, there's something wrong with looking up quotes you recall in a general sense (no pun intended)? I'm fairly intimately schooled in the history and have read more than a few biographies of the men who fought in that's just an odd complaint. Lee recognized both the evil of the institution and, after the war, the good served by the South's defeat. I'd think that would be encouraging to anyone who wasn't invested in demonizing the fellow. :idunno:
    And you, troll, will die somewhere in a warehouse.
    That's not how you spell that...unless you actually meant warehouse. :plain:
    Because I wanted to make sure you didn't miss it, that's why. :eek:
    A blessed and joyous year to you Granite, may you be the Garnet K called you to the Lord.
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