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  • Good, but I don't believe you, since you have engaged me twice after saying I was on your ignore list. Is it for real this time?
    You're lying now, just as you do in each of your posts. Half the time you're incoherent, without realizing it. Backoff, punk.
    That would be you. How many pounds overweight? 50? 75? 100? When was the last time you even went for a walk? Every last one of your contributions here is pure rubbish, just ridiculing what others say. Which do you most resemble, Beavis or Butthead? There's nothing to support your worldview. What a pitiable, worthless man.
    That makes no sense; I am not even the one complaining. An apology elicits only greater resentment from you. You seem to be an especially bitter person.
    If you continue to say things like that you will continue to be negative repped :idunno: They invented ignore for a reason, feel free to use it.
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