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  • There are many people here I DIDN'T have figured for whiners...and I'm glad you say what you say to them! :)
    It takes a real winner to shut down a thread over lawyer slights and yet allow a night full of Lynching by his gang without blinking an eye.
    I didn't close the thread GD. I don't have the power not being a subscriber anymore. Sure, I posted I'd have no problem with a mod closing it as I'm sick of the vomit that's gone on there. It could just have easily been closed before I had chance to post my last on there so consider that okay? Festive greetings. :e4e:
    I'm not paranoid. I think you just got so caught up in the anger of rhetoric in that thread that you started seeing all opposition in the same light.
    No, but I'm foolish enough to think that underneath this self-contradictory defensiveness,hostility and assumptive insult the person I've always liked is waiting to surface. When she does I'll be happy for it.
    That's because you're feeling your way through this. That's where "shut up" and gutless and the sod like little wave, lawyer remarks come from. I won't respond in kind because I mostly hate to see you doing this...your call though.
    No, I meant it. You've done that repeatedly with my inference. You just did it again about Job's friends. I was seriously trying to fathom the root of it. Several people here have it. Trad, LH among them. I said it wasn't an insult so you wouldn't assume that it was...and what did you do? Call me a liar...well, you only just announced your indifference to the opinion of others and I thought, taking you at your word, that coupling that understanding with a clear declaration of intent should be more than enough.

    Instead you act like someone with your feelings hurt. If I wanted to insult you I'd have done it in public where you were indifferently insulting me. Good grief, pick a position and stick with it, won't you. :plain:
    I have no idea what that phrase means, but I like it. :) And there's nothing confusing in my prose, so...:idunno: Do you have Aspergers? Not an insult, a genuine inquiry. A lot of my writing involves discernible but necessary inference and that's a real problem for people with Aspergers. I know I've run into it with a few.

    The goalposts illustrated: you say a thing is gutless and I point out you did it. Then you change/qualify it with the "You did it first" part and I note you actually did it first. And you move on to another complaint.
    If you only refrain from a course of conduct provided others do I'd agree it has little to do with virtue.

    And again, like Job, I hadn't reaped what I'd sown. You began the practice you decried as "gutless" (see my last and quote/link). And when it was pointed out you owned it like a champ moved the goalposts ever so slightly. You can do better than this and do better in difference than name calling and not crediting friends with an understanding of their own mind. I gave you that on empathy.
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