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  • Everybody.
    No...though to be honest I'd have preferred the scotch before shuffling off this mortal coil et al...
    The world is a stage. Go ahead and act up now and again. Act >>>> stage. Get it? I crack me up at times.
    I love your strength, loyalty, and honesty.
    Need a million more like you.
    Don't ever change.

    yes and why i was called frivolous for reporting that he did the same thing as soon as he got back, does that mean they were frivolous to begin with?
    Thanks, glory, can't be done. That took too much out of me. I'm not angry, I'm grateful to the place. Knight was kind enough to me over the years and I met many a good soul and I'm better for all of it. But that was like watching a novel you wrote with friends you can't even be certain are around anywhere now being washed away by the tide. I thought it was needless and disappointing. That's life for you.

    So if I'm going to be a ghost I'd rather choose the time of my death. :eek: Not to worry, God keeps doing amazing things for me. I'm a lucky guy.
    Getting ready to head out with no real plans to return, so I had to stop by and say I hope things go well for you and bless you. :cheers: Wish me luck. :D
    :think: That's not a bad sausage smiley. :eek: Better than what I had in mind. Saw someone in a photo...Katie Perry, I think, dressed up as a giant Cheetos. That's what she was going for, but I couldn't help thinking that if they painted it brown...ugh. So this may be the better approach. :chuckle:
    Thank you, kindly. I was happy and the sponsor was very complimentary. Best, I ended up with a couple of spa days for the wife, a 160 dollar comp at a very nice steakhouse, a night's stay in a four star hotel and two culinary lessons where we cook and eat. Nice early Christmas and I still own the photo, they simply have the right to use it. :D
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